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    Fuel economy in mountain country

    I live in Pittsburgh PA. For those who are familiar with Pittsburgh's topography, you know this city is similar to San Francisco. I have never gotten better than an average of high 30's, often low 30's. I am interested in hearing from others in cities that "all up and down" to see if my problem is to be expected, or if I should ask the dealer if there is some problem causing this low milage. Certainly, I know that the hills don't heop millage. I am just unsure as to whether my experience is typical of Prius performance in the "hills"

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    Fuel economy in mountain country

    I live in the middle of San Francisco and drive a Honda Civic Hybrid. My fuel economy isn't so good until I get out of the hilly areas and onto the highways.

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    Fuel economy in mountain country

    i match those numbers in southern california driving the foothills. upper 30's is about the usual.

    see ya

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    I also live in Pittsburgh. My normal commute is Beechview to Oakland, but I do a lot of other driving all over town. I find I get mid 40s if I pay attention to my mileage and drive carefully and high thirties if I don't. Sometimes I reroute to avoid really steep hills (which Beechview is littered with).

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