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    Any news on Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid?

    It's funny to see people speaking as if Ford is going to kill Toyota with the Escape Hybrid if Toyota doesn't make a RAV4 Hybrid. The Escape uses Toyota's old hybrid system. Toyota makes money on every Escape hybrid that Ford sales. (Unless Ford has finally come up with there own practical hybrid system and are using it. Then...umm... woops!) Anyway, I, too, would love to see a RAV4 hybrid. I'd probably consider getting one. After owning a truck for less than a year, I am spoiled and no longer like cars as much. I dig my wife's Camry, but I really miss my truck. A RAV might be close enough to a truck, but I don't think without hybrid its real-world gas mileage will come close to my crappy old Prizm/Corolla.

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    Any news on Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid?

    How about this idea? Subaru takes a Forester, uses the drive system they have already shown at industry shows and puts extra batteries in the well where the spare used to be. They make the car a PHEV and hang the spare on the back a la RAV.

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    Any news on Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid?

    As I read some of the comments about why some people are hesitating on buying a Ford Escape in lieu of a Toyota Rav4 hybrid, they should consider this:Ford and toyota motor company share most of the patents on their hybrid technology. They are essentially one of the same. Ford has actually added many of their own patents on full hybrid technology. I recently purchased an 07 Ford Escape awd and love it. While I am more of a Ford fan, I did own a 05 sienna awd, and thought it was a great vehicle as well ( except that its gas mileage was way below sticker, explaining why they lowered it for 06) When i was going to trade in my Sienna I was actually looking at a 05 RAV4 because I thought they were nice fit for a small SUV (a tad small though for anyone over 5'10"). However, I bought my excape and don't regret a bit, especially after seeing the newer and unexplainably much larger Rav4(considering that a highlander is nearly identical in size).
    With the oversized 16 inch rim\tire combo, awd, nearly 3900 curb weight and 1000 lbs towing capacity, I receive real world city\hwy economy of 33 mpg (not all babied miles). Even my brother who hates Fords and loves any Japanese nameplate, was extremely surprised as to how well it drove, its high quality fit and finish, and is considering one himself.
    As for any questions about reliability, check out the new 07 consumer guide automobile ratings and you'll see it has a better than average dependability rating.

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    Any news on Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid?

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that it's a HYBRID escape in my previous article. I might as well also add that the escape hybrid has a greater approach, breakover and departure angle than the regular escape for offroading.

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    Any news on Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid?

    Doug is right. Although I haven't driven or riden in the Ford Escape, I've been reading the reviews. Mostly unbias, they'll point out the pluses and minuses.. They're mostly good.
    Time is running out for me. I don't think I can't hold out until 2008.. I currently drive a mazda miata, and I've been hit three times- and I haven't been moving in one of them...I HATE those monster ass vehicles.. It's stupid I feel the need to purchase a bigger vehicle just so I won't be killed.
    Back on topic-I wish I was able to compare the RAV and Ford Escape side by side. I'm hoping (the Escape) is just as clever (with the design and special compartments) as the RAV4.. And the reliability will be just as good as Toyotas reputation. I haven't stepped off the plank yet.. The most important things for me are fuel emissions, fuel econemy, safety and comfort. Oh yeah, a moon roof and cool compartments.

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    Any news on Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid?

    Hey Dom:

    First, the escape SUV hybrid is not "small". Second, it is a piece of crap-check out Consumer Reports filing on it. One of the worst for maintenance. I guess this is why Ford is doing so well. Third, it is not a RAV4 with their record of service and reliability.

    Detroit is only listening to their market shares going to Japan and the rest of the world.

    On the other hand, as I said before, Toyota should be listening and make a hybrid RAV4. It does not need to be bigger!

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    Any news on Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid?

    Add me to the list of people waiting to buy a Rav4 -- I plan on being AT the dealership placing my order the day it is officially announced! I had a 1984 Landcruiser that I eventually donated to charity in excellent running condition after 21 years of use and close to 300K miles (couldn't afford the gas!). I love, love, love Toyota reliability, but just don't need a huge truck -- just something sporty and reliable that is good in snow.

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    Any news on Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid?

    Amen to everyone else who wants a hybrid, RAV 4 size vehicle with AWD capacity. My niece has an 07 hybrid Camry which does everything it is supposed to do in elegant luxury but obviously it does not have the ground clearance of an RAV or AWD.

    The Highlander is just too big for lots of people and the Prius is too small. Ironically, we drove to the same place in an RX300 and parked next to the Hybrid Camry was Prius.

    Please Toyota, two things, Hybrid RAV4 AWD size vehicle and make it PHEV.

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    Any news on Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid?

    OK people. Here is a way to ask Toyota for a hybrid RAV4...ask for a PLUG IN please.


    Mr. Jim Press
    US Corporate President
    Toyota Motor Corporation
    PO Box 2991
    Torrance, CA 90509

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    Any news on Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid?

    Beg to differ with you, Dave. My 2005 FEH is NOT a piece of crap. With 23,500 miles on it, I have not had one problem with it. The first RAV4 that I test drove years ago was "tinny" and unsafe feeling. Don't believe that is the case with the RAV4 any longer. HOWEVER, Ford HAS a hybrid 4WD and Toyota does NOT. I promised to buy the first Hybrid 4WD on the market over 5 years ago, and kept that promise. I bought the first FEH in Northern Nevada, and I have not for one moment regreted that decision. I've had it for about 21 months and would not trade it for another vehicle. With 31+ mpg, I love my FEH!!!

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