Big oil killed electric cars? How did it manage to do what the consumer had already accomplished? And how does one kill off a great technology? How did big oil (which was cash strapped during the time that
the EV1 was on the market) manage to prevent this wonder car from succeeding? Only gullible fools are
braindead enought to believe that totally implausible and lying fraudulent piece of crap movie by Chris (the Fool) Paine. GM was able to only get 50 morons to sign on the dotted line and in all those years only leased a total of 400 vehicles! I'm amazed they found 400 California airheads willing to pay for the right to be so totally inconvenienced. Without a practical battery there can be no such thing as a practical electric car.
No fool will spend $40,000 on a vehicle that can't get him out of the county , much less out of the state.