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    Toyota FTX 3/4 Ton V-8 Hybrid Truck

    Would anyone happen to know at what development stage the Toyota FTX 3/4 Ton V-8 Hybrid truck is at? I have seen the prototype and it is my understanding that a plant in San Antonio Texas has been built for it.
    Certainly with the ever incresing rise in fuel prices and the many who depend on large strong trucks, it makes perfect sense to develop a truck capable of serving this need.
    If anyone can do it, it will be TOYOTA.


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    I hope they will finish it

    I hope they will finish it soon. I can't wait to see how the Toyota hybrid truck is going to be. I wonder if it will be used by the hot shot trucking companies and how efficient it will be.

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    This could be a good

    This could be a good opportunity for the auto companies to readjust their priorities. A friend of mine, who works at an used car dealers Des Moines agency once told me that this new Toyota model will be the first from a long series of hybrid cars. I can't wait to know when the release date is.

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    I have read some reviews and

    I have read some reviews and apparently this model will be released soon. I hope that I will find this model at the Hyundai NH agency from my town. It will help a lot with my work.

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    The initiative of Toyota is

    The initiative of Toyota is much welcomed. I remember that I once asked a Jeep Wrangler Florida car dealer if hybrid trucks are available now. I was curious because the price of the fuel gets higher and higher and I just want a reliable alternative.

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