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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    Well all this liberal hippy talk has really gotten me angry. I think I will drive my "steel" hummer into a wildlife refugee and kill some fungi. Good lord Len get off your liberal soapbox... same goes AirAmerica Keri here.. go back to AM radio liberial pinko

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    Wow. Radd... wow.. .now I know why it happens... the ignorance... wow...

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    Michael: good point. Most current hybrid cars are virtually indistinguishable from their pure-IC brethren (e.g. the Accord, Lexus, Civic). Personally, I don't think the Prius is remotely attractive but I think there's a non-trivial population of hybrid car enthusiasts who enjoy having a car that looks different and says "hey, I'm a hybrid", so it's possible the odd looks work in its favor (at least for some).

    Keri, people like attractive-looking objects for a variety of reasons not all remotely related to showing off to other people. Also, no one is saying that it's "all people are worried about"--I'm not sure where you got that. Humans--at least humans with souls--have a sense of aesthetics. Do you have any sort of art work in your house? What would you think of a guest who walked into your house, pointed to a painting on the wall, and announced that you're superficial because all you care about is what things look like?

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    Dude, if the car (Prius) is so ugly, why are all the fine ladies coming up to me and asking me about it, wanting to go for a ride and handing out phone numbers?

    I don't care what the car looks like - if I cared what my car looked like and my image associated with what my car looked like, then I would hope someone would try to refocus what was important in this world.

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    What the Heck happened to Alberto that started this whole discussion ?!?!?!? To Funny !

    OK.. We have our opinions.
    - Some feel the Hybrids are ugly and refuse to buy
    - Some feel the Hybrids are ugly and still buy
    - Some are buying Hybrids to get the women
    - Some are Liberal...some conservative

    It is great to live in America where we all have the freedom of speech and fredom to beleive what WE CHOSE to beleive.

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    What the heck is wrong with you people.
    If you think its an ugly car then modify the
    looks to make it look "good". I think the
    Prius looks good expecially with some modifications.
    Add a body kit, a good paint job, drop the car some, add some nice rims and you got a great looking car. They aren't desing to look good so you go to do it yourself....

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    Forgot to mention that the Hummer is d**n ugly

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    I recently heard that there will be a tax break for people who buy hybrids in 2006. Does anyone have any information on this?

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    Jersey, Check out the Information on this site at:


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