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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    Volkwagon missed the boat. When they reintroduced the bug, it should have been a hybrid.

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    It sounds like most of the people here think good looking cars are wannabee muscle cars.

    Cars, by definition, are ugly. A box with 4 wheels and steal a lot of your resources just to go from A to B. Then they build whole communities that make the damn machines comfortable but entrap everything else in a web of asphalt and concrete pavement with fast moving large metal objects ... called cars.

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    Hybrids? Like the General Electric Diesel Hybrid Locomotive that you see pulling 200 rail cars loaded with about 8 Dodge Dakota's each? You mean the first Hybrid engine that was actually designed to run a mix between electricity and fuel... (diesel) was invented in the early 40s? I don't think anyone made the claim Toyota invented the engine... they have done the most with it, besides for GE and other industries... idiot. Why don't you read what you post... locomotives are NOT a hybrid if you are souly referring to electrical train engines? Because the power is directly coming from another source, such as coal. Hybrid uses both electricity and a gas in its power and switches back and forth. Remember EVERYONE is an expert when it comes to our little network I like to call the internet.

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    Len... learn how to spell "steel" before you try to make some dramatic point. Some hippy philosophy talk. Go back to your VW bus that gets 10 MPG.

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    Yeah, they are ugly... but they are not ugly on my wallet!

    But, I am still a big fan of the Hydrogen and electric buses... Anyways... one more thing... HYDROELECTRIC power harnessing the water and the wild rivers is the OBVIOUS solution. If a few fish cannot figure out the water ladders... I guess I can eat em'!

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    I can't quite understand if this is meant to be sarcastic, or to be taken seriously. In terms of ugly, the hummer would have to be at the top of the list.

    I actually think my Prius is the best looking car that can accommodate my family - anything any better does not have viable back seat. It is sleek, glamorous and distinctive. Not only that it is quite functional with great passenger and cargo space.

    And with rising fuel prices - the initial cost is becomming more trivial.

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    First off, as another poster said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think many of the American model cars are fairly ugly at the moment. But the Prius is interesting and distinctive. Who really thinks the new Impala is better looking than Prius? My guess is that you feel as though the cars lack testosterone....which is true....for now. Give it time.

    Make a Hummer into a hybrid?! Yes, that would be fantastic....then people could claim to be green while driving around in their enviro-nightmare mobile, scaring the bejeezus out of anyone who doesn't drive a tank, while getting 11mpg instead of 9. That is great.

    As for making other vehicles into hybrids, you have to look at it from the perspective of the manufacturers. They aren't doing this for free (not saying this is right or wrong). So, they put out a minimum number of models and see how they do. Now, if nobody buys them b/c they are waiting for the cooler 2nd/3rd/4th gen models, then we the design will never make it to that point.

    I for one would like to see the hybrids extend further into the market. A hybrid sports car would be GREAT. I saw a report that Toyota may be looking to make a Volta design into a hybrid sportscar that could be the next Supra! If the mpg is decent, count me in!

    For now I'll just be saving up money to buy a Prius or hybrid Camry.

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    Sorry, I didn't know you had to spell here.

    As for hippy talk. I proudly work in a wood consuming smoke stack behemoth, think global warming is a eurogreen conspiracy (read 'State of Fear' by Micheal Critchton), and bought my Prius because its good engineering and does what it advertises. Kind of like why I bought my NVidia AMD-64 motherboard ... a bit of cool factor ... a bit of this and that ... and it works!

    But my favorite city in North America is Vancouver which is by nature vehicle unfriendly.

    I absolutely detest urban developement in the SE which force your kids to ride the bus or drive to school which you can see across a field a mile away because of the risk of being run over by people rushing around streets with no side walks at 50 mph.

    To give my municipality credit they are actually spending money on side walks lately and I hear there is actually some bike friendly areas around Atlanta where you won't get run over or 'doored' in 5 minutes.

    So once again ... all cars are ugly by definition, but my Prius is a piece of work in form and function.

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    Do people really value the way that a car looks that much? I must be pretty un-hip because I could care less about what the car looks like if in the end it..
    A) Is safe...
    B) Get's killer mileage...
    And C) Has a decent stereo...
    Image is nothing....

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    Hybrid Cars Are Ugly

    Len said it better than I could.

    But I still need a good stereo.

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