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    Got my 2006 hybrid Highlander

    so far its living up to the mileage claims, and very quitee

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    Got my 2006 hybrid Highlander

    Have done about 750 km on the hybrid. Gas mileage is higher than what is rated. I am getting bout 9.40 Liters / 100 Km. Specifications say 7.5/8.1 (city / highway ).

    I keep hereing that consumption will go down when the vehicle has been broken in.

    Is this true? Any other hybrid owners noticed this.

    Thanks in advance?

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    Got my 2006 hybrid Highlander

    my consumption went down on my prius after a couple of thousand km. I was getting about 4.7L/100km, and then after a few tanks and, more importantly, learning how to drive more efficiently I made it down to as low as 3.8L/100km. congrats on your new purchase I hope it serves you well. I have yet to see one driving around. I didn't even know that they were on the road now.

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    Got my 2006 hybrid Highlander

    Thanks for your Reply Murray.

    I pre-ordered my SUV last June, was able to order it in April and was in the lot June 16th. Drove away with it 2 days later.

    I am still trying out various methods to get the better mileage. In stop and go traffic it mostly runs on batteries. Highway driving seems to be taking most of the mileage.


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    Got my 2006 hybrid Highlander

    Your Highlander will get better mileage in the city than it will on the highway as the gas engine needs to be used more. If you read through some of the previous posts, you will find a lot of info about how to better your economy. Over time, you will get used to how to keep your economy as best as you can. Enojoy your new vehicle.

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    Got my 2006 hybrid Highlander

    I just picked up my Hybrid Highlander 5 days ago. Awesome car, I love it. Any HHLers know about satellite radio? I'm an XM subscriber and the dealer told me my car was "satellite ready, just add your antenna" but he obviously didn't know about it, told me to check the Toyota website. I did but didn't see anything about satellite radio in there. Thanks in advance ....

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    Got my 2006 hybrid Highlander

    My 2002 hybrid Honda Insight has over 167,000 miles on it and I have never had to open the hood.
    Just oil changes, great life on tires and brakes.
    Catalytic converter failed, but Honda fixed it for free. My mileage is actually better on the highway. Overall mileage has been 42.9 mpg
    over the life of the vehicle, but now I am only getting about 38 mpg. ( I have never had any
    kind of tune-up ). But truthfully, the Insight is
    not a practical car, and although I would like to see
    more cars getting higher mileage, I can't recommend this car to anyone. For more info
    just e-mail me. My personal opinion is that the
    new Accord is more practical than the Prius, but
    I live in a big city with ferocious traffic.

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    Got my 2006 hybrid Highlander

    I am about to go in for my 5000 mile oil change on my 06 Highlander Hybrid which we picked up in mid-June (lots of vacation driving)
    So far I am getting 25 miles per gallon but remember it is almost all freeway/highway driving and a lot of it was with the air conditioner on. I have not run a full tank through in 'city' driving yet....will keep you posted

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