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Thread: drivers seat

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    i am in the same boat as all

    i am in the same boat as all of you guys. i just bought a 2008 and both my husband and i are nearly cripple. i am sooo upset. i love my car, but can't drive it. help!

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    To me it looks like the

    To me it looks like the Prius front head rests are the most likely culprit. They seem to be canted more forward than other cars. (Look at VW Jetta front seats -- IMO the Germans get seating in smaller cars right, and besides my back and neck are 50% German and 100% European.) Another possibility is the seatbacks are too flat and the posters suggesting lumbar support are onto something.

    Now for the cheap part -- go to WalMart or Target and get a couple or 2-3 cheap kitchen seat pads and patio chairs. Think about things you can put between the seat and your back to adjust the fit. It may not appeal for a long term solution but I have definitely been there in a full size Ford of all things and am using just such an interim hack, a seat back removed from a patio chair! Cost about $20 -- a lot less than a doctor's visit co-pay.

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    I'm having difficult with

    I'm having difficult with the driver's seat on my brand new 2008 Prius. Main problem seems to be lack of height adjustment. When I sit properly, my head is touching the ceiling, and that ain't comfortable. When I recline so that I'm more comfortable, then I can't reach the steering wheel with comfort. I'm going to see if I can get an aftermarket seat put in. Almost wanted to replace the Prius with a Camry or something right away. Help!
    I live in Vancouver, BC.

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    I'm incredibly uncomfortable

    I'm incredibly uncomfortable too. It took me about 3 weeks to start having serious discomfort. I've spent about $50 so far on cushions and supports from auto parts stores and I think they made it worse. They don't easily fit between the sides of the seat. I think it bothers me the most because of the way the seat is scooped out in the middle. It's like you sink into a hole and it pushes your head and shoulders forward. I called Toyota and had no luck. It's the only seat they have to fit it. I know someone else who has a Prius with leather seats who finds the seats are comfortable. So my cloth seats might be the problem too.

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    Get this .... the Japan,

    Get this .... the Japan, European and Australian (at least) version of the 2004+ Prius all have the driver's seat height adjuster handle. This would go a long way towards making one more comfortable - being able to add a cushion, see better, etc...

    So, it looks like someone at Toyota US spec'd the 2004+ Prius to not have adjustable driver's seat height. Question is, can we get the name of that person(s) and publicly shame them for their stupidity?

    Or are we up against a behemoth whose goal is to make the Prius a less attractive car for everyone, so as to limit sales and keep the oil profits flowing?

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    We bought our Prius in

    We bought our Prius in Oregon to save the $4K-$6K premium Orange County Toyota dealers are adding on. The trip home was a killer on the buns and back. A back store sells an add on seat cushion for $135 that is very comfy but it doesn't stay in one place getting in and out of the car. Costco sheepskins could hold memory foam pad in place but the expense keeps rising. Come on Toyota, give us some help?

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    I love this car (2007 Prius)

    I love this car (2007 Prius) on short trips. Long trips are definitely another story.
    Compared to comfortable seats (the Honda Del Sol was the most comfortable car I've ever driven), the seats are shorter and very flat. I tried purchasing an expensive cushion that didn't work. I've tried all sorts of pillows in every combination imaginable. I think I will drive it only on short trips until I can get another Honda.
    P.S. Actually the Honda CRV was much more comfortable than the Toyota Highlander. One of the reasons I traded the Highlander was the uncomfortable seats.

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    For me, the seat only

    For me, the seat only becomes uncomfortable if I'm drivng a couple hours straight. The seat doesn't have good lumbar support. I bought a support insert for my car.

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