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    Prius probed for engine stalls

    Two of the four problems (shifting into Park or Reverse while going down the freeway) are not the equivalent of CTRL+ALT+DELETE as I suggested earlier - they're more like REFORMAT C: (actually REFORMAT TRANSMISSION).

    Is it really that easy to shift the transmission when attempting to tune the radio? Sounds like bad human/machine interface design.

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    Prius probed for engine stalls

    I find the human interface to be pleasing, but I'm an 'operator' or supervisor of and most of the things in the Prius are the level of technology approved by the 'Fire System Regulators' (can't remember what they are called right now) for safety control systems now ... (ie: old, proven, redundant ...). Those large industrial facilities you drive by on the other hand do run on an OS, fortunately its XP and not '95.

    Anyway, the thing I gleaned from these reports is I was reminded that it seems when you hand someone like a car dealer or home builder your 'first born' all you can expect in return is derision, duplicity, lies, and scorn once you sign on the dotted line.

    I actually did return to the dealership to find out if anybody knew anything about exporting my vehicle if the day comes. Some clown in the service department said ... 'they build these custom for dealers in the SE' ... yeah right. I got about as much help from the national Toyota help line. I went and found out what the issues were on the internet.

    I guess even Toyota's 'ode to Deming' stops at the factory gate, once past there its customer beware!

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    Prius probed for engine stalls

    In response to Craig..........if you had been driving
    around in the '70's during the gas crisisees[?] --
    '73 & '79...you learned to always fill 'er up once
    you reached the half way mark. I do that with my
    '05 Prius, so never a problem, even if it only takes
    5.5 gal. You never know when the middle east
    will shut off the spigot again!

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    Prius probed for engine stalls

    Its been a while since I've posted here since I am very disillusioned with some of the bloggers who are truly blockheads, but at least there is more intelligence in the discussion groups......

    I am hoping the shut-down problem is actually user-related so that I can stop thinking about it. However, I think Craig's points, numbers 2 and 3, won't be the cause. In my manual (yes I read the darn thing--but it was the first time I ever read a car manual) states that (Section 2-6, Hybrid Transaxle, pg.136) pressing "park" while moving, and/or shifting to "R" while moving, will cause a beep to sound and the system will automatically shift to "N." It doesn't say anything about shutting down the vehicle. I've tested this in my '05 Prius and the engine didn't shut down. Now, if the driver had his/her foot on the break while accidentally pressing "P" there may be a problem......

    Unfortunately, I haven't seen any article saying how long it took for the local dealers to "fix" the cars in question and get them back on the road again. If it was pretty quick, without any new parts, then there is even less to worry about.

    I couldn't (quickly) find information relating to what happens when you run out of gas. I thought the car would just keep going until the batteries completely died..... which is what some have posted on the newsgroups sites. So I didn't think the car shuts down in this instance. I also thought I read an article that mentioned that the cars that had this problem also had at least 10-15,000 miles on them. I bought my Prius on 29 Jan 05 and I have 9300 miles--I'll let you know what happens.......!

    On the whole I can't say that I am worried at all. We have all probably had cars that stalled on the highways before. Hybrids will soon be the dominant vehicle sold, so they will--and should--get a lot of scrutiny. I would rather have Toyota looking into the problem than most other car companys. We'll just have to wait and see what the investigators find.

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    Prius probed for engine stalls

    Don't forget that you are dealing with computers,
    and they do not 'think' the same as humans......
    good or bad[?].

    I'd opt for not running the gas tank down to empty
    just to find out the result.

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    Prius probed for engine stalls

    We bought a new 05 Prius in October of 04 and have literally run the wheels off-in city and highway. It hasn't "coughed" or stalled once. This is one of the best car we've ever owned

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    Prius probed for engine stalls

    You can be "casual", " "glib" about the Prius stalling - until it happens to you and it is towed to the dealership where the dealer's tech says " there is nothing wrong with your car "! I've had mine towed in 3 times - no solution !!! Also couldn't start easily a few more times!! Check out nhtsa's( www.nhtsa.dot.gov ) web site and see what others say. Their investigation is showing many more than "33" reports according to the DOT man who called me for an interview !!!

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    Prius probed for engine stalls

    My 2004 Prius stalled out while I was driving on a rural road only three months after I bought it. I was accelerating and it simply froze, I couldn't even turn it off. (The gasoline motor was silent, but the computer screen remained on when I tried to turn it off.) It had to be towed to the nearest dealer who had no idea how to fix the problem. They contacted "headquarters" who instructed them to enter computer codes, and it fixed it.

    Now there actually WAS an indication of trouble two weeks earlier when a warning message appeared on the screen for no obvious reason, but the car did not stall at that time. I drove it off the freeway to the nearest dealer who entered some computer codes to fix it.

    In both cases I drilled the mechanics about the cause, and they were totally baffled, having no idea why it happened. They tried to tell me it might have been because I was down to two cubes of register fuel, but I didn't buy that because I had been down to one cube before with no problem.

    Now the car is ten months old with over 30 thousand miles and I have not had any more trouble.

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    Prius probed for engine stalls

    You can count us among the users who experienced the shut-down problem. It happened in Feb. 2005 on our 2004 Prius, which was about 14 months old at the time. We were travelling at highway speed, and gently braking as we exited onto a cloverleaf from the expressway, as we've done dozens of times before. This time, the gasoline engine simply quit, and the (!) light went on. We were able to continue to the bottom of the off ramp on battery power, at which point we pulled over, shut off the car and called the dealership's service dept. -- which was fortunately open on Sat.

    I tried restarting the car, and found that the gasoline engine was working (as was the electric) and that the car was driveable. After talking it over with the dealership, we decided to take it straight to them. They never did find out what was wrong with the car, and returned it later that day, with the (!) light reset.

    Then last month I read on the Wall Street Journal online that other owners had been having the problem in variety of circumstances, and that Toyota had developed a new software download to address the problem.

    When I called the dealership, they were unaware that a service bulletin had been issued, but sure enough, after researching it and calling us back, they told us that there indeed was such a problem, and to bring the car in. Even after bringing the car in, we had to wait 24 hours for some sort of "software" to be sent to the dealership so that it could be installed on the car.

    My sense is that Toyota may have been keeping this quiet until they could ascertain how widespread a problem this is. You can rest assured that it is a problem with the vehicle, and not driver error.

    Incidentally, despite this problem, we still love the car. The prolem never did re-occur, even between the incident and the fix, and the car has been trouble-free ever since.

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    Prius probed for engine stalls

    Thought I would add my 'two cents' to this story...



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