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    Prius probed for engine stalls

    I rented a Toyota Prius when I was traveling for business and WOW. Let me tell you that thing was so quiet that I thought it had died on me. So, I pushed the button to restart it several times before I realized, it was idling that quietly. I'm not too proud to admit when I'm wrong. So what does tham mean? It's really a phenomenal futuristic car that's gotten a really bad wrap because it's too good. This is a really sophisticated vehicle that takes the common person time to get used to - no key turns to start the vehicle. Just push the button. Totally Awesome Toyota. Thanks, especially now that gas has skyrocketed to around $3.00 a gallon with Hurricane Katrina hitting the gulf coast.

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    Prius probed for engine stalls

    I believe the "stalling" is intentionally designed into the software to protect the transmission. I think a design decision intended to protect the car is putting my life at risk.

    My early 2005 Prius has "stalled" twice: once on the freeway at 80 mph when I had to jam on the brakes (someone cut me off) and again on surface streets at 30 mph when I floored it to accelerate suddenly. In each case the transmission's internal componenets would be under tremendous strain unless it disengaged. In each case all lights, headlights, indicators stayed on, the "check engine" light came on, the car continued coasting (as if put in neutral), and the car was unresponsive to the throttle and the gearshift. (In neither case did I hit the gearshift norpower button before the "stall"). In both cases I coasted to a safe spot (try crossing five lanes of 70+ mph freeway traffic at night while coasting). Only after parking, turning off power, and restarting power would the car operate...at which point it operated fine. Dealer couldn't find anything wrong...in fact the second incident was two days after my 30,000 mile service!

    To me it's not stalling; it's shifting into neutral when the transmission is under significant strain. Then it refuses to go back into drive until you turn power off.

    I called corporate today to start a "case" and was told they are unaware that this is a recurrent issue. I am posting this in a public place in case I am killed or injured before Toyota figures out that this is a serious and recurrent issue.

    I absolutely love the car other than fearing I'll be flattened...but hey, the transmission will be protected!

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    Prius probed for engine stalls

    By the way my hands were both on the wheel (not near the gearshift nor radio) and I drive with only one foot. This car just can't handle sudden changes in inputs...even when taken as evasive action. Yes I was going 80 but what about the time I ws goin 30?

    Not user error, at least in my case

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    Prius probed for engine stalls

    I brought my 2004 Prius in for the "recall" upgrade to prevent stalling. That was several weeks ago. The dealer was unable to perform the proper maintainance and the computer was destroyed. One had to be backordered from Japan and still hasn't arrived after several weeks. I am driving the dealer's Camry, but wonder if this is an isolated incident. I am starting to worry about Toyota. Do they know what they are doing? What other problems lie hidden in the Prius. A friend just called to make an appointment for the recall and was told that the dealer was still working out some glitches and that they should call back in a few weeks.

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