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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    Here is some titilating news about electric Hybrid Conversions. Go To www.sigmaautomotive.com then click on their Electrocharger Link. I think this will give some insight to those people who want to pollute less, but still need to pull a small camper trailer for weekend outings. The electrocharger is a reasonable alternative to really bad fuel economy. And think about this, what if you could install a drive axle under the triailer and an Electrocharger to that drive axle?

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    I bought my first set of plans for a "hybrid conversion" in 1972 (I think?) from Mother Earth News. Came will a complete parts list and engineering drawings, and was based on an Opel GT 350. It used a jet starter motor, the factory transmission, a battery pack, generator, and a Briggs&Stratton motor.
    The same person did a Toyota 4wd pickup truck in 1993. This version replaced the Briggs "gas banger" with a small diesel motor to drive the generator when needed, and more efficient batteries than were available for the Opel.

    Both articles are available on their website.


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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    I can't help but think how far behind we would be in computer technology if some of our reply authors were in charge of bringing microcomputers to the masses. If Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak took such a pessimistic view where would they be, probably bagging groceries or some other mundane occupation. Maybe, just maybe a few folks could get together and find the best car to convert, the best motor, the best internal combustion engine, etc. and come up with a kit or a set of instructions that made wonderful sense. Maybe we could tap some good old American synergy for the betterment of all.

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    Reply to Bill Jones: You're right about applying our ingenuity. But there *are* people out there working on hybrid vehicles, some with small projects -- check out http://www.futuretruck.com for an example of a University competition. Small teams, big results.

    But with something this complex it does require a team. Hopefully Dennis, who thinks it will be a piece of cake once he has his BSEE degree, will learn better and team up with at least a mechanical engineer who knows how to design and specify powertrain components! Both skills are equally important.

    So for a real working plan, think about an Open Source Hybrid Vehicle project. Dozens or hundreds of experts could contribute. For examples look to the Linux operating system or the Megasquirt fuel injector controller.

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    Not so "sutpid" a question. check out www.21ponies.com
    he did just what you'd like to do and has a dvd to prove it. tell him pk sent ya.

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    Hello all -

    I too have daydreamed about a hybrid conversion... but with a twist.

    Maybe you've already seen internal combustion "pusher" trailers that enable electric vehicles to travel distances beyond their normal electric range.

    But what about the reverse: an electric trailer for pushing a conventional internal combustion vehicle. It's something I've Googled high and low, but haven't seen anyone try (and, yes, maybe that speaks to the practicality of the idea).

    I'm an aficionado of the often maligned but efficient Geo Metro. I'm sure a 10-15 hp electric motorized trailer, self contained with a batteries included, would suffice for propelling a car its size at low (i.e. suburban) speeds.

    At least in my circumstance (I live in a small town), the range wouldn't even need to be that great. I'd be more than happy with 15-20 km.

    And when not needed or wanted (e.g. highway trips, snowy winter conditions), it could be disconnected, thus avoiding the penalty of propelling around the added weight of the motor and batteries. It could also be shared between several vehicles in a household, and "follow" its owner who buys a different car.

    Depending on the complexity of the design, charging could come from the grid (making it a PHEV trailer), off-grid, or through regeneration.

    Of course the challenges are many: it would be suitable probably only for small cars; it would require an extra set of controls in the host vehicle (as do the EV pusher trailers); the driver would have to be comfortable maneuvering a vehicle/trailer combo.

    It's not something I'm planning to undertake, although mainly for lack of finances and time than lack of interest or aptitude.

    Thought I'd put it out there anyway.


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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    A few years back I had a "Nuts and Volts" issue that had details on converting a Volkswagon rabbit to either hybrid or all electric. I can't remember but I seem to recall the article spanning several issues. I could try to dig it up...

    It might be easier to find here on line.

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    Hi I like to kwon where i can get the information on how i can convert ny truck into a hybrid, ny e-mail address is joecolejr1960@yahoo.com, i would apprecated this information as soon as possible, Thank you.

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    also looking at converting y 19994 geo metro to gas/ec;ectric hybrid-the idea being to have the current alternator charge the batteries for as long as needed to recherge vehicle and run elctric motor through 21 speed gear set as it has now been preoven that todays ne 6 speed automatic transmissions get better gas mileage than the tradional 4 speeds as torque requiremets are less due to closer gear tolrenaces--of course this may mean the batteries may be out of commision while charging for awhile once depleted-i work in the industry and have a bs degree in automotive engineering technoloy-i think u guys have some great ideas and woulkd like to expand on them . i welcome your feedback. thanks

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    Sutpid Question #108: Convert to hybrid?

    if anyone is ignorant it's you!!! most people are looking for a kit that is already designed and just needs to be installed. forgive me for being dumb but i'm not stupid the hybrid on the market are expensive , and designed to save fuel but not any money and in 3 to5 years when the batters go bad oh!!! that will cost you say 10 to 15 k to replace or they will be out dated and not worth changing also by the way remember bill clinton he gave the big three about three billion dollar about fifteen years ago to develope eletric cars and g.m.'s truck is a real peace of work when cars were first developed gas was a waste byproduct. 70% of the earth is covered by water and the only reason we're not useing it is because they can't figure out how to charge use three bucks a gallon for it... well thats the end of my rant paul have a nice day Dan

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