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    1. I live in Buffalo, NY.

    1. I live in Buffalo, NY. And yes we do get snow. And I have driven my Prius thru the past three Buffalo winters.

    2. The Prius has low ground clearance, and cannot "bulldoze" it's way
    thru snowdrifts like my last three SUV's.

    3. That being said, the Prius handles GREAT in snow, slush, winter conditions. Traction control and brakes allow Prius more than sufficent power and control for winter conditions.

    4. The previous poster seems to be lacking. Training? Intelligence? Medication?

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    After talking to an import

    After talking to an import car mechanic today, I am considering the idea that the abs system is doing a self-test just after the car is started. It's in the middle of acting as it would do on a skid. "Self-modulation" was the term he used. The system is checking itself and would put a check engine light on on the dash if it were malfunctioning. The test is over in a matter of seconds. One minute later and the test would be over.

    My shaking and rat-a-tat noise occurs usually when I start the car and drive quickly backwards, turning a bit, while leaving my garage. There is a small lip I back over. I have also had a couple instances of shaking when going over a big rough spot in my gravel driveway. I am going to monitor myself to see if I am braking at the same time I get the steering wheel shaking.

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    A few comments about a

    A few comments about a 1200-mile trip I've made in a Prius from Texas to Michigan the last 3 years in Sept-Oct:
    The 2010 (Gen3) Prius I took this year averaged 57.0 MPG at 65 MPH and on cruise. The average was up to 58.5 MPG but dropped to 57.0 when temps dropped somewhat at night.
    The Gen2 Prius' I drove in 2008 & 2009 averaged 50-51 MPG in the same conditions. Whatever they did to Gen3 is a dramatic improvement!
    This trip is made in under 24 hrs. 95% at hwy speeds (61-63 MPH ave. when moving). Just 2 stops for gas the entire trip. 1200 miles using less than 24 gal. gas. Pretty incredible!
    When the plug-in version is available in 2012, my daily commute will also improve. At that point, may just have to buy one instead of renting for trips.

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    I purchased a 2010 Toyota

    I purchased a 2010 Toyota Prius eight months ago. I drive less than 1 mile to work and usually average about 35/mpg just driving around town and live in southeastern PA. On trips I averaged 43 to 45 mpg. Just recently (early December) my mileage dropped to about 26 mpg around town making very short trips. I am so disappointed in the Prius's mileage. Toyota should let customers know that cold weather adversely affects mileage.

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    I have a 2001 prius...i

    I have a 2001 prius...i always see to have trouble on the first start of the day if it's been cold over night. I have to keep the key turned to start mode for about a minute or two..then i hear a clicking noise coming from i think the back of the car but not sure. Then when i hear the clicking noise i turn the car off and then attempt to start and then it starts up fine. After driving around for 10 minutes if i stop the car for a while i can then start with no problems. It's strange...

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    This winter I passed 3

    This winter I passed 3 Prius's stuck on the hill by my house. I went to this site to see if snow tires helped Prius's in snow. I would love to have a Prius for the gas mileage. My husband doesn't think it is safe for our occasional snow storm.

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    I ahve a prius..great

    I ahve a prius..great mileage in the summer, hoveing aroung 55-58..but this winter, 40....can not wait for spring!

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    I live in Yellownife NWT

    I live in Yellownife NWT Territories in Canada
    i seem a problem with the prius on cold wheather. over here it gets -40C = -40F. so little be cool....it is normal for this area. The vehicle has a block heater but when it gets that temperatures or below we need to live it running overnight cause it will not start the next day.....
    it is very reliable vehicle excepts for that....so we are changing it for a Yukon Hybrid that the batt cell is for this climates.

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    I have a 2009 prius and I am

    I have a 2009 prius and I am lucky to get 31 mpg during the winter. It is very disappointing to say the least. This discrepancy should be disclosed at time of purchase since it is an across the board problem.

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    police cars in montreal have

    police cars in montreal have emission sensors on them so if you have a car that has high emisioon rates and your sitting in front of a police car at a red light you will get a ticket

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