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Thread: Prius Battery

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    No problem Cupcake. But I

    No problem Cupcake.

    But I find it hard to believe the "World Record" for all stock cars is 58 mpg because the original Insight was EPA rated at 70 mpg.

    So what are the qualifiers on the record? Is it that coarse? Is it for a diesel only? Is it for 4 seaters only? Is it only for a certain production quantity of vehicles?

    There has to be some qualifiers because there are other mass production cars which have done better, i.e. the Insight.

    You referenced the article with the record Cupcake. You do the research or go trolling for some other website to waste your time.

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    Okay, Cupcake I looked it up

    Okay, Cupcake I looked it up because I knew you’d be too scared to. It’s a record specific to a course through the 48 continuous states. They used special low rolling resistance tires from Goodyear and had their own special mix of ultra low sulfur diesel gas following them around the country.

    It may not have had “major modifications” but it wasn’t a virgin car straight off a dealer’s lot with regular grade diesel.

    How many Prius drivers could bump their mileage up 10 - 20% if they carried around their own private special mix of 85 Octane gas everywhere they drove? Answer: All of them.

    Frankly, I’m more impressed by a car that can get 50mpg on a tank when its driven straight off the dealer’s lot with stock tires and fuel from the local gas station.

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    Hey there teddy bear. Good

    Hey there teddy bear. Good to hear from you. Usually all you liberal types run when faced with any confrontation. I would like to know where you got your information from since you didn't post a link as I did. And I don't know about you but on earth where I am from, there is no such thing as "low rolling resistance" tires that you speak of. And I think the special "low sulfur diesel" is that new-fangled diesel that is in every gas station across the country. Hence why every company who sold diesel powered vehicles had to revamp their fueling system to get them to pass the stricter emissions that go along with it. But once again, thanks for playing.

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    First of all, these so

    First of all, these so called low rolling resistance tires aren't really that. Show me the facts on how they are any better than any other tire and I will believe it. I went to Goodyears website and it says right on there that they produce a 4% increase over the standard Goodyear Assurance tire. That doesn't mean anything. They tested it against THEIR OWN TIRE. Of course it's going to do "better". THEY ARE TRYING TO SELL TIRES!!!!!! That's what they do. Who is going to argue? And as far as the diesel being some special mixture. WRONG AGAIN!!!!!!!! They fueled up at Shell gas stations the entire time straight out of the pump with the same fuel that goes into those diesel guzzling semis that transport your precious prius to the dealership. Maybe you should do your research properly next time. So lets do what I like to call a check on learning: The car was bone stock except for some tires goodyear claims to be "low rolling resistance" but with no substantial evidence and fueled up with the same fuel everyone else can buy. Sounds pretty stock to me.

    And also, I believe the VW Jetta Diesel was green car of the year this year and they already chose the green car for 2010............

    DING DING DING Big surprise here folks. An Audi A3 with what kind of engine.............A 2.0 Tdi, the exact same engine in the VW Jetta.

    Why don't you wake up and smell the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel. Hybrids are not all they are cracked up to be.

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    As long as I could

    As long as I could guaranteed that I wouldn’t be forced into putting E10, E15, or winter gas into my tank, I’m fairly confident I could average 55 – 58 mpg on the same trek as this record in the spring, summer, or fall and no modifications to the car.

    Why? Because I did it all spring, summer, and fall for the last 13,000 miles.

    Right now I’m struggling a bit on mileage (still above 43mpg) because most of my commutes for the last week have been between 0F and 15F.

    By the way, when does untreated ULSD gel?

    And tell me how do the diesel Jetta’s NOx and particulate emissions stand up to a non-diesel engine? Pollution reduction is about more than just CO2 emissions and mpg. For diesels, DPM has to be considered. And that is something I would happly remind the California Auto Show.

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    can anyone please tell me

    can anyone please tell me what the battery costs to replace

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    Part cost only: New -

    Part cost only:
    New - $2,600ish
    Used - $500ish

    Install time, 1 to 2 hours, so I'm guessing about $200 in labor on top of the part cost.

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    I have a 2001 Prius with

    I have a 2001 Prius with 64,000 miles. I am having a problem with the battery (in the trunk) going dead. I have thought it was because I left a door ajar and over a couple of days the battery has lost its charge. Currently I am "trickle charging" it but not sure if that is working--after all night it is still dead. I have read the threads and want to know what the best charger is to get. BTW this is a brand new battery--I replaced the battery last January so Toyota replaced this one under warranty a month ago. Any help on this would be appreciated.

    Southern Ca

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    Hey, I just rebuilt my own


    I just rebuilt my own battery for about $450.. Maybe this will work for you?

    It sounds like you need some new cells in your batterypack. You can replace them yourself if you want. Just use this site I listed below... They have a forum for your questions (if you cant follow guides very well) and they have a guide you can download.

    Plus they have a supply center where they put all of the good deals on prius batteries, and cells, and pretty much what ever you need...

    I just used it and thought it was pretty easy, I think I used all of 5 handtools to do the whole job.. It wasnt that hard...

    Check it out if you want to fix it yourself, I just did mine for $450 or so.. So no big deal.. The guide and access to the forum and supply center was only 50 bucks.. well worth it for the help..


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    I'd be interested in hearing

    I'd be interested in hearing more about your experience. How about signing up as a member here at Hybrid Cars?

    Eric Powers
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    * SF Bay Area - Second weekend in June
    * Madison, WI - Third weekend in July

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