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Thread: Prius Battery

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    I have a 2005 Prius that I

    I have a 2005 Prius that I purchased new and now has 211,500 miles on it. Recently, I have been having trouble with my battery loosing charge both while driving it first thing in the morning or in a lot of stop and go traffic. Sometimes I have to turn off the air conditioner to get the car to charge. I have ordered a new auxillary battery from the dealer to see it that is the problem. This battery from the dealer will run me less than $200.

    Besides this problem, I have NEVER had any issues with this car. Besides the fact that this is a terribly uncomfortable car to drive on long trips I just could not be more thankful for how this little car has performed over the years. All the original parts and NO major repairs. Only the routine maintenance. I feel very lucky after reading some of the stories here. I would buy another Prius in a heartbeat!

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    Your ford is also known as

    Your ford is also known as Fix or Repair Daily... ford explorers have killed thousands of people in rollovers and tire blowouts... Toyota was the only car company willing to spend the time on R&D to develop a hybrid- which is why they got my money. This website is really for help with cars... so maybe you should refrain from your personal political agenda....

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    All excellent points Sarah.

    All excellent points Sarah. While the Prius is a fantastic car sometimes the technology can be frustrating and issues can come up all of a sudden, leaving the driver stranded.

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    I've owned a Prius now for

    I've owned a Prius now for six years and it's gotten nearly 60mpg on the highway, 45mpg regularly, and never given me any problems... EVER. I've also owned Volvos, Suburbans and a Beetle, and they have all been drains on my pocket book, especially the Beetle and Suburbans. Seems like VW can't make a car that doesn't go to the shop once a month. My son's Jetta was a nightmare. And don't get me started with the American cars.

    My 2004 Prius is now at 93k and still purrs like a kitten. I expect it to continue doing so.

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    R u dumb or just stupid

    R u dumb or just stupid

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    We just went through a very

    We just went through a very hot and very dry summer. much dryer than normal. But I've noticed the extended heat does take its toll on regular car batteries and I think it has nearly done in my 2001 prius Main battery. I appreciate your comment even though given in 2006! This is very true.

    My prius runs best gets best fuel consumption when it is 50 degrees to 75 degrees. It had one owner before me. And has 96,600 miles. The main battery shut down last Saturday when it was about 80 degrees out, an unusually warm and muggy day in November, yes. But now it is running normal. It does best when I drive it every day and also when I drive it again at night. But we are expecting to replace the Main Battery in the next month, it is time.

    For a 2001 it is still a gr eat car.

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    My brother-in-law is

    My brother-in-law is shopping for cars and considered a hybrid but a family member told him that because he leaves his car parked most of the time and drives less that 4,000 miles a year, it would shorten the life of his hybrid battery. I've looked elsewhere for support for this argument but haven't found any. Is this a myth? Is there any truth to the idea that infrequent driving will cause the hybrid batteries to fail sooner than normal?

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    Rebuild your Toyota Prius

    Rebuild your Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery and save with this guide.

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    My 2008 Prius won't shut off

    My 2008 Prius won't shut off !!!! ... .
    The same thing happend about a month ago and I took it into the toyota dealership. They tested the small battery and said it was strong and they couldn't even drain it! .. Suddenly, with no warning, the dash lights came on and I was able to shut it off.

    Today it's all happening again ... The car is sitting in my driveway with a full tank of gas and just running. The key is in the house .. and if someone were to walk up and try to drive away with the car, they could.
    This is crazy ... anyone know what I should do?

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    I bought a 2004 Prius a few

    I bought a 2004 Prius a few months back and still do not know much about them. I work third shift and have school in the morning shortly after so I decided to take a two hour nap before class. I did not have my car running or have the key in the ignition or anything like that. When I woke up and tried to start my car the dash lights came on for a short minute then the car died. I had someone hook jumper cables to the battery in the trunk and as soon as I hit the power button the car was on and ready to go. Two weeks later I again try to nap in my car but this time I took the manual key out of the remote thinking that would help but same thing happened. Two days ago I left the key in the ignition so the theft imbolizer system wouldn't kick in hoping that would work. Still the same thing happend so I have come to conclusion it is defiantly the key being in the car that is causing the problem with my battery. Do I need to have my battery replaced and if so which one or does the one just need charged up more? Any ideas, suggestions or information would be greatly appreciated!

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