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Thread: Prius Battery

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    I have 120,000 miles on 2005

    I have 120,000 miles on 2005 Prius, dealer said hybrid battery bad. Toyota corporate said they would cover half of cost of batteries, $1297, so it left me with over 2000 due, local dealer gave no discount, wouldn't even return my calls although they had my car. I opted to buy and install hybrid battery myself. Lots of labor to take out panels, seat backs, shielding, spare tire, air vents-time more than skill...Piece that I didn't know going in that I should have planned to replace 12volt at same time, (especially since car already ripped apart allowing access) until I did car would not run- flat surface error message as described above was due to low power in 12v. New batteries - cost a grand, but life is good again. I will never feel the same about toyota since dealer nor corporate returned calls as promised, and made me wait over a week for a determination. Thank to all who helped me figure out my issues here.

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    Just found out my HP battery

    Just found out my HP battery is out. 6,000 past the 100,000 warranty. I have been quoted 3,200.00. I am in shock. What to do?

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    120k, 07 model. Had 12v

    120k, 07 model. Had 12v dead. Car in garage for a week, door locked. Found that door can not be unlocked with remote. Used key to unlock. Now No power or no light on dash at all. Complete break down.
    Got the portable jump starter out and plugged + to Red + under the black box on driver side. Neg to a big bolt on body just behind red+. Did not work first time. But couple of unplug/plug was able to get it started up.

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    I have a 2006 Prius with

    I have a 2006 Prius with 93,000 miles on it. I've never had any problems with it until today. I was walking away from it and tried to lock it with the remote and it didn't work so I walked up to the car and tried to push the button on the door and again it did nothing. I got back inside the car and noticed the check engine light was on but very lightly and there was a quiet but very high pitched noise coming from somewhere that lasted about a minute. I tried to start the car but nothing happened. The radio or lights wouldn't come on or anything. The car was completely dead. After about three minutes, the car started and everything seemed to be fine, except everything had to be reset. The clock time was wrong and the mileage for trip A and trip B went to zero and the back up beeping that had been disabled over five years ago and been re-activated. It's as if the battery had been disconnected for a minute or two. Now I'm a little nervous to drive it because I don't want to risk getting stranded somewhere. Has anyone else had an experience like this with their Prius?

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    Bad HV battery quoted $3327

    Bad HV battery quoted $3327 by dealer. 2005 Prius with 109,000 miles. Contacted Toyota corp waiting for a response. I own two Prius and love them. Hopeful that Toyota corp will step up since it's within the 8 year but barely past the 100,000 mile mark. Will buy another if this battery issue is resolved fairly

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    it to no avail but the Prius

    it to no avail but the Prius tech at the dealership was able to jump it. They replaced the auxillary battery and so far all is good again. Business Hosting Reviews

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    It seems to me that all

    It seems to me that all Priuses have the same issue... My battery turned out to be defective as well without any warning! It pissed me off a lot cause I expected anything (the truck is pretty old) but that! It took me a while to get a new one and I had to drive my mom's car, which is pretty embarrassing

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    My 12 volt battery has gone

    My 12 volt battery has gone dead on me over 8 times in two years. If the car sits for more than 2 days the battery is dead. Toyota car dealers only solution is to drive the car every day or at least start it up. This is just simply ridiculous. I have AAA and only get 4 calls a year with them and then they charge $60.00. I'm on my 4th call as of January 1 this year. AAA also told me that you should never jump start a hybrid off of another car. It's too powerful. They now carry a special charger to jump start hybrid. Talking with a Toyota dealer I was told to replace the 12 volt battery cost $260.00. And the main battery is something like $2,400.00 plus $1,700.00 for all the labor. If you ask the cost to replace it they usually just tell you the cost of the battery and not the installation cost. You must be diligent and ask tons of questions if you want a truly correct answer.

    AAA started my battery under the front hood instead of in the trunk area. I couldn't find anything about that in the manual. So much isn't disclosed about these cars in advertisements. My 2007 Prius get 44 miles to the gallon if I drive at lower speeds and highway miles. Otherwise it's less than that. I'm sitting here now with a car out front that is dead once again. I'm ready to trade in both our cars and get one reliable car. Truly you aren't saving on gas if you have to replace a battery for 4 to 5 thousand dollars. We keep our cars for years so it isn't worth it for us. If you plan on trading in your car every few years than I guess it's worth it.

    Plus when calling AAA ask them to send out someone who actually knows how to re-charge a Prius battery. I've had enough people out here to know that only a few know what they're doing.
    AAA was pretty good about sending the right people.... if you ask.

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    I have Toyata prius 2006, I

    I have Toyata prius 2006, I bought from Tom Rush Toyota dealer Carmel, as use car, before deal go through I asked saler about if I have to replace one how much going cost, he said about $ 700, I thought that not bad, so I bought that from them.
    Last couple day ago the warning sign show up ,I drove to Deck Toyota dealer check it, they clear the warning sign then, he said if show again might be battery problem, I aske them how much cost for replace a new battery, he said $2900 wow! not $ 700 what saler from Tom Rush said a lot different I drive one more day, the sign shown again then I toke to Tom Wood Toyata dealer, they check it, I have to replace new battery, how much cost this time they asked me $ 4100 to replace it. I cannot pay that much so the car useless now.
    How come they aske customer for their battery too much money, I think prius is not help us for economic in the U.S. now way all of us can trust Toyota any more. I bought two toyota, one toyata Supra I got the same junk, I keep in my garage about two year without can fix it, finally useless, now two toyata screw me very well, both same Junk!.

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    Fastidious answers in return

    Fastidious answers in return of this question with solid arguments
    and describing all about that.

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