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Thread: Prius Battery

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    I've been told by my

    I've been told by my dealership to replace the "big" battery in my 2001 Prius . . . 115,000 miles. I'd like to try recharging the battery but don't know the going rate. Can anyone tell me cost? Also, what luck have you had replacing the battery with a used battery of newer vintage? My Toyota dealer won't do it. Who does? thanks!

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    Sue: Recharging the 200v

    Sue: Recharging the 200v battery is not an option. It is ALWAYS being recharged by the car during use.

    The 200v battery is actually over a DOZEN batteries bolted together into one big frame.

    Toyota will try to sell you the WHOLE battery pack, when all you have is one single dead battery cell.

    Look on line, there are several companies that will assist you with parts/instructions if you or your mechanic want to rebuild your own battery with replacement parts.

    OR there are other companies that will sell you a rebuilt Prius battery pack for much cheaper than Toyota. Costs a bit more than rebuilding your own, but you can just "drop it into" the car.

    WARNING: The big Prius battery pack is TWO HUNDRED VOLTS!!! Do not mess around with this battery or it's connections unless you know what you are doing, AND know the proper safety precautions for HIGH VOLTAGE.

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    Can anyonen confirm what I

    Can anyonen confirm what I seem to deduce from the discussion on (main) battery life i.e that the Prius battery is soley determined by milegae and not length of time it existed?? I have a 9 year old car with only 62K on it but am slightly conscerned that the vehicle's age might edetermine hwne the battery wil diie. If teh battery will last 100K-150K miles then that should mean I can keep teh car for anotehr 5 years or so given my low mileages.

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    I have a 2007 Pruis with

    I have a 2007 Pruis with 150,000 miles and I have no problems with the battery or otherwise. I drive mainly highway to and from work. I maintain it with oil changes etc and I am very happy with it.

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    Did you ever get the answer

    Did you ever get the answer to your question? I have the same question.


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    2005 Prius battery died at

    2005 Prius battery died at 75000 miles; red triangle, check engine light with the brake icon showed on the dash; was first told by the toyota guy that it was the water pump; I checked my records, and the water pump was replaced when I took it in for the recall of the floor mat/pedal problem; later the dealer called me and said that the main battery needed to be replaced and it would take a month...and it was under warranty. the dealer rep at Longo's toyota in southern Calif, the nation's largest toyota dealer, said that they've only replaced two main batteries so far...I wonder.

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    I am interested in

    I am interested in purchasing a Toyota prius, and I wanted to now a few things beforehand.
    1) How much does it cost to but a new battery?
    2) How much does it cost to have the battery put into the vehicle?
    3) How often to do have to replace the battery?
    4) What harmful gases does the battery produce?
    5) Where do they send the old battery after it needs to be replaced?
    I need these answer ASAP, so please hurry.

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    1) a new battery is a couple

    1) a new battery is a couple grand if it's not replaced under warranty.
    2) installation is probably an hour or two, so tack on a couple extra hundred dollars.

    You can decrease cost of those if you replace it with a used battery instead of new.

    3) the battery is warrantied for 10 years, 100,000 miles, I think.

    4) no harmful gases. It is completely sealed.

    5) i assume it goes to a battery recycler, just like all other car batteries.

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    AAA sells them installed for

    AAA sells them installed for $54.95

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    I was interested in this

    I was interested in this site until I could see that some people want to argue about why prius is a poor choice. Cant their posts just be deleted?

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