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Thread: Prius Battery

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    Try re-involt.com for info

    Try re-involt.com for info on remanufactured Prius batteries

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    Sorry, I missed making the

    Sorry, I missed making the last link active.

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    Hey ms, I don't know where

    Hey ms,

    I don't know where you get your info from but according to all I have seen, the green car of the year for the second year in a row is a diesel. Before you try to talk about something, you should do some research so you don't look so ignorant.


    PS I would never buy a Toyota because I wouldn't want it to take off unexpectedly and without warning causing me to probably get into an accident or have the brakes not work when I need them. Especially when I live in a snowy, icy area. If it takes so long for the brakes to change from electric to good ol' hydraulic, I won't trust it with my family.

    Toyota is the epitomy of what happens when a car company gets greedy. They sacrifice quality. VW has never done that.

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    hi carol the smart key

    hi carol the smart key system in the prius is allways searching for the key, so it frains youre battery
    if you leave it set for a long time. there is a switch under the dash to turn it off if you go away for a while and the car will not be started. check youre manual it will explain it.


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    About a week ago, our 2004

    About a week ago, our 2004 Prius had the information-panel lights illuminate...including the red triangle and the auto shape with the exclamation point in it, also the Cruise Control dropped off line. Car seemed to be operating just fine at 65 mph. Upon computer read-out, the Toyota dealer told me the 12 volt battery was bad, and the inverter coolant pump was bad. The lights have since cleared from their trouble indications....car drives normally. We have 68,000 miles on the car. I seem to remember a noise that sounded as if I was dragging something under the car...yet inspection (even after pulling the front wheels to see if something got caught in the disk backing plate). The noise is no longer there. I have looked on the internet and it seems the early pump may be somewhat flawed...having one bearing mounting instead of the later used two, one on each side of the impeller shaft.
    I think the battery should be replaced...not sure about the pump...voltage problems can tell wrong stories on the screens. Do you think I should "fly it and watch it" taking a chance on another break-down, or would you replace it now? It's $500 parts and labor. Appointment to do work is for tomorrow morning...sorry for short timing...just found this site this evening.
    Thanks for any advice.

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    I just purchased a 2 y.o.

    I just purchased a 2 y.o. 2008 Prius, and the dealer EXPLICITLY told me to what the fuel gauge on that 11 gallon tank of gas, and NEVER let it run out.

    I was told that the Prius was NOT designed to run on the battery for moderate lengths of time, and if I did that I would fry the battery.

    While he went on to assure me that that small tank of gas would get me about 500 miles (not quite) it was interesting that the piece of advice was offered unprovoked.

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    I respect the Prius. I also

    I respect the Prius. I also respect my Jetta TDI.

    With 66k on it, the lifetime MPG average is 46.7. I don't speed too often, but I am not a hypermiling person either. Which vehicle is better? They both are; we both consume less.

    Eco-aware people like us are monitoring the number of emerging strategies. That's why we're on this forum.

    Are diesels clean and fuel efficient? Yes, just like a Prius, depending on your dirivng mix - maybe better.

    My best highway MPG was 62.3 and often get 52mpg hwy. VW diesels owners have had these experiences for years, but now (with ultralow sulphur diesel and engine improvements) we can do this without black smoke and particulates. People who don't have current info on new diesels should take a few minutes to learn how much hey've improved.

    Both Prius and new small diesels are less of an ecological disaster than gas-guzzling SUVs, pickups and generally oversized, overpowered vehicles. Let's focus on the reasons we chose our vehicles - to consume less - and agree we are accomplishing that.

    For years, I've been hoping we'd see a diesel hybrid, which is really the best of both worlds. Ideally, a small diesel would only run to charge batteries when other cleaner (ie wind/solar) power sources weren't available. Diesel hybrid isn't exactly a new concept; train locomotives are diesel electric hybrids. It keeps getting announced at car shows, but never delivered. Such a solution (well executed) would probably make vehicles last too long (from the car companys' perspective), require too few repairs and cripple the replacement parts industry. Mercedes says "2011". We'll see.

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    Another advantage of

    Another advantage of Diesel/hybrid is that the diesel has a very small RPM range for optimum performance. With electrical generators, the diesel engine is optimised for 1800 rpm, and only runs at that speed (to produce 60Hz power) regardless of load.

    A diesel hybrid, with pure diesel-electric (battery charger only, no direct connection to wheels) should be able to produce fantastic fuel economy and low pollution levels.

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    I compared 46mpg(hybrid) to

    I compared 46mpg(hybrid) to 30mpg(non-hybrid , gas at 3.00 per gal. based on 12000 miles

    yearly cost of hybrid 783 non 1200.

    7 year cost hybrid 5478 non 8400.
    add battery replace4000

    total 9478 for hybrid 8400 for non

    In order to break even gas has to go to 5.00 per gal.

    over 7 years the non-hybrid at 30mpg is cheaper if the battery is replaced after 7 years

    Surprising to me.!!!!!!

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    Several problems with your

    Several problems with your calculations:

    1) Battery is warranted for 8 years or 100,000 miles.
    2) There is no basis for assuming you have to replace your battery at 7 years. If you did, it would be under warranty because you haven't exceeded 100,000 miles yet.
    3) You are assuming the non-hybrid has any major problems over the 7-years.
    4) If you get a used battery it is substantially cheaper than $4000.

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