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Thread: Prius Battery

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    I have an '05 with 96k miles

    I have an '05 with 96k miles and have no battery issues. Whenever I start it, the battery works great! I think it's mainly due to the fact that my alternator is powered by the 6.0 liter V-8 engine under the hood of my Hummer H2, which cranks out 325 horsepower. This power is also useful when passing malfunctioning hybrids on the interstate, hurdling my 9,000 pound vehicle towards my destination in a timely and oh, so comfortable fashion. I wish you all luck with your respective car troubles.

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    I bought a 2005 Prius new.

    I bought a 2005 Prius new. I live in Florida and it now has 67K miles. I love it because it helps train me to keep my foot off the Gas! Have had NO problems at all. On several 500 mile trips from Atlanta to Tampa I got 50 to 52 mpg on I-75 at 70-72 mph all the way with AC running. Great car.

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    Wow now this shows how

    Wow now this shows how crappy japanese cars are.

    My ford explorer uses 1k a year more gas than a prius.

    However it has 220 k on it with nothing breaking.

    So now prius owners have to spend 4k on a new battery.

    Ha I knew the Japanese could not build a car to last.

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    I have a 2006 Prius and

    I have a 2006 Prius and have had 4 problems in the last year.
    1-Oct.,2007;we towed the car on a tow dolly across country. At on stop in S.D. my wife backed the car off of the twdlly and when she started the car ALL of the idiot lights stayed lit. Towed the car to Toyota dlr and mechanic said best guess is the car had a brain fart, computer showed nothing-no further problems.
    The following are related to the start-up battery, located in rear compartment:
    2-May,2008 drove 125miles to campground,used dash outlet to charge cell phone; used car vac for 20 min. to clean car, hokked into dash outlet, finished job, 1/2 hour later couldn't get into car, battery DEAD,tow company operator gave it HOT SHOT thne towed to dealer, dealer rep said "You are taking too many SHORT TRIPS", I asked what is defined as 'SHORT'. All the dealer did was recharge battery.
    3- June, 2008, exactly 30 days later, same problem only this time I had not used the dash outlet for anything,went to use the car after driving 125 miles to the same campground,same result, dead battery, towed by same company, got to know their driver on first name basis, dealer rep said battery was bad and would replace under warranty.
    4-Oct,2008, went to use car at home, dead battery,had made the mistake of using a dash powered compressor to inflate bike tires, took all of 5 minutes. Towed to Original Dealer, rep called and said car had "BAD BATTERY" and wasn't under warranty, complained and told about replaced battery from other Toyota dealer, changed to 'Yes we will replace under warranty', talked to mechanic, he can't explain, requested that he write to Toyota to tell them of problem. WHY DOES A START-UP BATTERY GO DEAD WHEN THE DASH OUTLET IS USED???

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    im considering getting a

    im considering getting a prius or a lexus hybrid. has anybody heard of there being issues with the battery for these vehicles. what is the average life of a battery. what happens if the battery dies? does one have to buy a new battery and how much would this cost?

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    losizim Bought 2008 Prius in


    Bought 2008 Prius in December 2008. Had 2000 plus miles on it. Thought I was getting great deal. Afraid not! Battery has gone dead three times since December. Towed to dealer twice of the three times.

    So far, getting same response from dealer - I need to drive car more.

    Any other suggestions from anyone? I'm retired and don't drive everyday. Was never told anything about this at time of purchase.

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    Yes, the so-called "Green

    Yes, the so-called "Green States" have to warranty the hybrid drive train, which includes the batteries, for 10 years or 150,000 instead of 100,000. New York State is also a green state as is CT., I believe.

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    Today, the prius is no

    Today, the prius is no longer as attractive as it once was. The new VW Jetta TDI diesel provides 32 to 35 MPG city, and 45 or better highway with a diesel engine fully capable of excellent performance with NO battery woes and 600 miles between fill-ups. The engine produces 140 horsepower with 236 Lb-Ft of torque capable of spinning the tires with plenty of pep. Engine life is 250,000 + miles with no $4000 batteries to replace. Sort of puts the Prius in a distant second place.

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    32 MPG city, and 45MPG

    32 MPG city, and 45MPG highway? On diesel fuel? (150% the cost of gasoline)

    If my Prius ever got 32/45MPG, I'd shoot it and put it out of it's misery.

    And you call a 140 HP engine "peppy"? Prius has the equivilent torque (gas and electric combined) of a 170 HP engine.

    Now lets talk about the wonderful emissions record of diesel engines (choke, gag...)

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    Diesel fuel is currently

    Diesel fuel is currently $2.25 per gallon. Gas is $1.95, hardly 150% premium. Secondly the Prius $4000 battery is lucky to last 100,000 miles. IF it dies at 90,000 miles, the owner pays $3600 and the warranty will pay $400. The battery is essentially consumed over the life of the 100,000 miles at a cost of $0.04 per mile. Since the Jetta costs $0.05 per mile to drive highway, and the Prius battery costs $0.04 per mile, the Prius would have only 1 penny per mile to spend on gasoline to equal the Jetta's economy. That means the Prius would have to get 195 miles per gallon. Don't feel bad, the Chevy Volt battery currently costs about $16,000 and may eventually cost "only" $11,000 acccording to the DOE figures. A battery cost between $0.11 and 0.16 per mile is crazy! We'll need a new category for battery guzzlers.

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