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Thread: Prius Battery

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    Prius Battery

    Boy that message got really messed up. What I ment to say was, Buy a deep cycle battery charger and it should have an automatic setting a charge setting. Use the automatic setting and it will do as the "tender" was described.

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    12V battery issue

    I bought a used 2005 Prius about 8 months ago. It has less than 40,000 miles on the car. I haven't had any trouble with it at all -- until yesterday when the 12V battery died. I drove it to church and after the service the car wouldn't start. Completely dead.

    The guy from the towing company had quite a time trying to get it into neutral to roll it onto the truck. Also, the back hatch wouldn't open to get the towing key from the trunk until we read the manual to figure out how to "jump" it from the positive node in the fuse box.

    I found out this morning that it uses a "special" gel battery that has to be ordered through Toyota to the tune of $279. Ouch. I certainly hope I won't be replacing that baby every 40,000 miles.

    Anyone else had to replace the 12V battery in a 2005 Prius?

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    Yes, this is true. I just bought a Prius this Tuesday and that fact was pointed out to me.

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    You bought a lemon,

    You bought a lemon, unfortunately.

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    Toyota sells a $$$$ 12V

    Toyota sells a $$$$ 12V battery that has bastard terminals. Although the big 200V battery propels the car, the 12v battery powers the computers THAT CONTROL EVERY FUNCTION in the car. Dead 12v battery makes the entire car dead!

    BUT there are after market manufacturers that will sell you adapters so that you can put a regular off-the-shelf 12v car
    battery in your Prius when the factory 12V battery dies.

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    I have a 2002 Prius, 110k.

    I have a 2002 Prius, 110k. It's been running great, no issues whatsoever. Today out of the blue I get three warning lights simultaneously: PS (power steering), the battery icon, and the car with the exclamation point. The manual says to take it right away to a dealer. I'm nearby, so I take it in. 2.5 hours later they say it'll be $4,400 to replace the hybrid batteries, and that if I attempt to keep driving it, when the 40% charge on the batteries is depleted the car won't run at all.

    This seems bogus to me. Anyone know?

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    Prius does not use fan belt

    Prius does not use fan belt power-takeoffs. Power Steering, AC and a few other features are powered by the hybrid battery.

    IF the Hybrid battery suffered a sudden failure in one cell, it would be detected as a battery fault. Could also be a failure in the hybrid charging circuts.

    Only three choices:

    1. get rid of the car
    2. Pay Toyota for a new hybrid battery
    3. Take a look at after market hybrid battery suppliers.

    At one point, there was a company out there on the net that would rebuild a hybrid battery that just had one bad cell.

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    Can you strap to Prius

    Can you strap to Prius batterys together in parallel (just the battery only not the relays) to increase the EV mode? also how do you add the 220 volt charge plug to a USA Prius?

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    Calcars.org originally had

    Calcars.org originally had the thought of providing an open-source solution for adding a plug and extra batteries to a Prius but I believe they found out that this probably isn't feasible right now. The best way today to modify your Prius to plug-in is to work with a company that has done the necessary engineering for this.
    Strapping together 2 Prius batteries probably won't help too much since the battery computer may still operate assuming there is only 1 battery.

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    We were thinking of buying a

    We were thinking of buying a 2008 Prius........with the problems you've all listed, would you buy a Prius again?

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