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Thread: Gas prices

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    Gas prices

    Here in the UK gas prices are 3.25 per gallon, which is roughly $6 per gallon at current exchange rates. 80% of the cost is in taxes.
    Even with gas prices this high and living in a relatively small country we are becoming more, not less car dependent. The only answer is to impose technology at government level which reduces emissions - taxing fuel clearly does not work.

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    Gas prices

    Thanks for the reality check, Matthew. European prices for petrol have always made our American prices seem pretty cheap. Your income and sales taxes are astronomical! I'm also sorry to hear that England is becoming more of a car culture. I paid $2.60/gallon in southern California this week, and am really glad my hybrid keeps me away from the gas pumps.

    I'm old enough to remember the oil shortages and gas lines of the late 70's. I also remember when driving a compact, fuel efficient car was "cool", and large automobiles were mocked as "gas guzzlers." Now my neighbors are driving Hummers, even though we're told that oil production has peaked and will soon decline. What happened? And how/why is the American government encouraging this worldwide hyper-consumption of oil? Anyone?

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    Gas prices

    What happened? Bush was elected & then reelected!

    Consume, consume, consume! That's what is desired from the leadership of the country!

    Conserve? What for?

    see ya

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    Gas prices

    Steve, I vote in Palm Beach County and our ballots were rigged for Bush, so he wasn't elected the first time. I can't believe he got elected the second time with his lack of leadership but we are stuck now.

    I think gas prices are going to bring this American economy from its knees to flat on its face. Gas is tied to everything!

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    Gas prices

    Do Gary and Steve live in the same country as me? There must be something in their local water supplies.

    Consumption happens b/c of consumers, not the government. Ever hear of free will?

    And, Joan, are you serious when you ask "And how/why is the American government encouraging this worldwide hyper-consumption of oil? Anyone?"
    Is Bush making the Chinese and the Indians consume oil? Was Clinton doing that in the 90s when their economies were growing just as fast?

    Ya'll must have a hard time waking up each morning, knowing the sky is about to fall.

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    Gas prices

    government sets policies that the country follows. as in the late 70's when miles per galon requirements were 1st established (president nixon leadership at the time? or was it carter?) to *encourage* the design of better cars. the continuation of this thinking stalled in the 80's. it should continue. today there's no reason why cars can't all get 30 miles per gallon. even hummers!

    same with polution controls, etc. laws encourage a better society. otherwise we'd still be driving those overweight 6 mile per gallon hot rod's of the 50's.

    leadership is what's lacking.

    drilling more oil is nice, but doing nothing to encourage conservation is short sighted.

    see ya


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    Gas prices

    Isnt't it interesting tht the only crowd that cries stolen election are the Bush haters, and blame him for practically every evil in the world such as title waves to India and China consuming so much fuel?
    Next I suppose is that he had something to do with the Pope's death. Or was that the Florida courts since he was on a feeding tube for a time?


    "today there's no reason why cars can't all get 30 miles per gallon. even hummers!"

    Ok, produce this vehicle and the people will buy it.
    Or are you making blind unfactual statements?
    Can you show us an example of a Hummer or similar with this efficiency?

    "same with polution controls, etc. laws encourage a better society. otherwise we'd still be driving those overweight 6 mile per gallon hot rod's of the 50's."
    Not factual. Imagine trying to sell a 6MPG car today.
    This is what Castro has in his "workers paradise" and he is loaded with laws.

    "drilling more oil is nice"

    Drilling for more oil = more independance from forein oil. Conservative estimates indicate the ANWR reserves would replace all Soudi oil for the next 30 years. This is more than just "nice" and gives us more time to develop an alternative. We have huge capped reserves right here on our soil and many estimates indicate a larger oil reserve right here in our Golf of Mexico than in the Middle East.

    "doing nothing to encourage conservation is short sighted"

    Is sponsoring hydrogen fuel "nothing"?
    Is providing a tax reduction for the purchase of hybrid vehicles "nothing"?
    It's truly amazing that today I bought a 5 passenger vehicle and am getting over 60MPG with it.
    How about more extreme pollution laws.
    I guess that's all nothing.

    I haven't researched all the government is doing to conserve but I'll bet I could find a very, very long list.

    The world is not coming to an end, we don't have to live in doom-and-gloom, as we have a bright and truly wonderful future to look forward to.

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    Gas prices

    My question was posited to start a discussion, not begin an argument. Nothing's in my water, the sky is not falling above me, I'm a rational, rather optimistic adult. However, we ARE in deep trouble. Politics aside, we are consuming more oil than ever. Obviously, we are all concerned, or else why log onto a hybrid car site?
    Some FACTS from the Natural Resources Defense Council (www.nrdc.org)
    Fuel economy is lower today than in the mid-1980s, even thought technology has vastly improved.
    U.S. oil consumption is nearly 20 million barrels of oil a day.
    The U.S. consumes one quarter of the world's oil reserves, yet has just 2% of known reserves.
    The Arctic Nat. Wildlife Refuge would likely yield less than a six months' supply of oil for the U.S.

    We need a paradigm shift. Drilling for more oil is not the answer, neither is conquering oil rich countries.

    My husband just came in the room and told me Bob Brinker told a caller on his radio show not to invest in GM, because Americans are not going to continue buying large trucks and SUVs. He thinks Americans are finally wising up. Brinker's always been ahead of the curve (he predicted the tech stock crash)...let's hope he's right again.


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    Gas prices

    Dazy, if you live in the post election country of Dumbassistan (Red States) and don't live in the USA (Blue States), then yes, I'm from the same country as you.

    BTW, you're right about something in my local water supply. Its called pollution.

    "Consumtion happens because of consumers, not the government"

    I suppose you'll say the government going to war didn't burn any fuel or start causing pipe lines and storage tanks to be blown up. Do you think this may have cause a shortage or even a rise in prices?

    Hot_G, not crying stolen election or blaming Bush for waves to India or anything like that either. Government has to be accountable for its actions. The topic here is gas prices. The question was about our government encouraging hyper consumpion of oil, my point was about Steve's comment of leadership, I don't think we have leadership, just crisis mismanagement.

    Fortunatley, I cannot afford not owning a Hybrid because of gas prices. If anyone thinks things are getting better for those that don't have one, fine, I don't. Gas prices are at a breaking point for many Americans already in too much debt. The fact that their gas guzzlers will cost them more and be worth less with higher gas prices, will make the high demand for Hybrids out of reach for them.

    Hot_G. you and I own a Hybrid and don't have to live in a world of doom and gloom right now. Putting your head in the sand is not going to help others. You stated "How about more extreme pollutions laws". You have to be kidding, right? What extreme pollution laws did Bush push for?

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    Gas prices

    hot_G, your logic is so torn it's impossible to follow.

    you said: "Not factual. Imagine trying to sell a 6MPG car today."

    the do. they are called "Hummers".

    you said: "I haven't researched all the government is doing to conserve but I'll bet I could find a very, very long list."

    go for it! you'll be hard pressed to find anything initiated under Bush that has any substance to it.

    can you start with a review of the Kyoto agreement Bush refused to sign?

    see ya


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