I was considering the following idea of using multiple motors. If I were to use more than one motor I was hoping to run a vehicle from one motor using battery and an power source ie: generator to produce power. The other motor is to run the generator and charge the batteries. With some more consideration I was considering adding a 40w solar panel and an alternator from a car or transport to provide me with running power. With this design I may actually be running probably more than 2 motors but the would not exceed 48v. Would this not create power for consumtion. The generator out puts 120v.

I am not an electrical genius nor to I fully understand what I am saying but by posting I and hoping to debunk my theroy and see if it would not be feesable.

Sorry bout spelling too.

If anyone has any idea what I am trying to say and can assist in me in devising this into a working model it would be appeciated.