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    Question about battery replacement

    I want a hybrid. I have to wait 18 months until my current truck is paid off. My husband said we will not get a hybrid because if one of the batteries go in it the replacement is costly. Is this true? I would think the manufacturer's would offer an extended warrenty on them that I would purchase. Please help me to find otu information on this.

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    Question about battery replacement



    you can also do a search for "warranty" on this site.

    the warranties are very extensive on the hybrid parts, especially in green states where they are mandated to be even longer. educate your husband and go get your hybrid!

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    Question about battery replacement

    Randy's right. The warranties on the batteries and electrical systems on the hybrids are very extensive and long. By the time the warranty expires, the batteries will definitely have dropped in price considerably since there will be a lot more hybrids on the road.

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