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    It seems like I must be the only tall person here at 6'2". I test drove the "standard" Civic that came with the standard sunroof and I did not have enough head room, even with the seat at it's lowest position. When I test drove the civic hybrid, which does not have the standard sunroof, I head enough head room. It seems (in the civic, at least) that the sunroof takes a few inches out of your head room. This may not be a bother to a lot of people, but if you're tall, it is something to consider. BTW, I bought the hybrid.

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    I have the Accord hybrid.

    I have the Accord hybrid. Opening it does decrease the mpg, but it sure is nice, at a price.

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    You said it perfectly. I'll

    You said it perfectly. I'll have to either wait or buy a gas powered one with a sunroof! I think we are ones of millions whom feel this way, I hope car maufacturers take note!

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    I can't wait for sunroof

    I can't wait for sunroof

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    I totally agree that hybrids

    I totally agree that hybrids should have sunroofs more standard! i don't see the big deal. I am not sure it is worth giving up the sunroof for better gas mileage. I hope the solar sunroofs get better on the prius and other hybrids soon!!!

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    I, too, am reluctant to

    I, too, am reluctant to change my toyota corolla t-spirit with a lovely sunroof. I would like to buy a greener car but the lack of a sunroof option stops me from doing so. Like someone has already said, I hope the car manufacturers will read these comments and do something about it. To say that people don't want them any more because they use climate control is ridiculous and generalising. There's nothing better on a nice sunny day than to have some fresh air coming in without the wind blowing your hair all over the place from windows and the air conditioning drying your throat.

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    I am shopping around for the

    I am shopping around for the new Prius v (wagon). I need a sunroof! They have a panaramic moonroof which is really cool, but it doesn't open...not cool. Also, it is only available with the most expensive model and then you have to add the advanced tech pkg (xtra $5,000)...also not cool. The car salesman said he can refer me to a guy who puts in sunroofs for all his customers. If I could trust him, that would be great. Then I could buy a standard molel and save a bundle. Anyone try it? From a reputable installer?

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    I bought a 2004 Prius used

    I bought a 2004 Prius used and added a sunroof from a professional dealer and have had no problems, still get great gas mileage and it cost less than $1000 to install. Our local Toyota dealer uses this same company to do their add-on sunroofs.

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