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    Sunroof on a hybrid


    Are you CERTAIN about that sunroofs-in-07 package?

    This is really important. Will determine whether i buy now or not.

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    I was also interested in putting some solar power to work on my Prius and found some solar panels that one plugs into the "cigarette lighter" electical connector to charge the battery when the car is parked.
    I ditched the idea when I read that the hybrid is set up to keep batteries between 40-60% charged to ensure battery longevity.
    Does anyone know what effect one of these would have on the battery - and would it make a difference in my mileage?

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    Peter, we've discussed this topic on HybridCars before (several times, actually). One horsepower equals 747 watts. Look how many watts your solar cell panel would produce, and then do the math to figure what small fraction of a horsepower would be produced. A typical plug-in-the-cigarette-lighter solar cell system produces about 25 watts, or about 1/30 horsepower. Now ask yourself if you could even detect 1/30 horsepower increase (or decrease!) in your car's performance.

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    On the discussion regarding manual transmissions and hybrids, it should be noted that there are a plethora of systems that are now under study and development by many manufacturers such as ZF, Bosch, Siemens, Marelli, Aisin, etc.. I recently read an extensive article in the german car magazine "Auto motor & Sport" which was discussing some 8 or 9 different systems which would provide different levels of hybridization. An interesting item was the double clutch split by a starter/flywheel which is in effect an electro-motor that can provide power during acceleration and stop and go traffic, but would function as a generator when the vehicle needs slowing down thus regenerating energy. That design, can then be coupled to any kind of transmission with fairly little modification. There were many other ones, but hybridization in Europe, is being done a bit differently than here. They indicated in the article that for a while Europeans looked at this technology a bit skeptically initially, now quite a bit of research is being undertaken but component suppliers but also manufacturers such as Daimler Chrysler, VAG group, even BMW. In most cases, though it seems they are maintaining the basic designs engine+ transmission configuration with an additional hybrid drive.

    I imagine hybridization is taking a somewhat different form of development in Europe because of the relatively higher highway speeds where battery weight is a big impediment.

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    In response to this post:
    We just bought a Prius. It had no sunroof wich bothered me very much so I hired a man who said he knew how to install them that I met at Starbucks. When I went to pick up our new #8 Prius I discovered that Jeb, the installer, had used a saw-zaw/ hack saw to cut an irregularly sqare hole in the roof and used some type of epoxy or silicone to install a flexible piece of plexiglass on the roof which will not open.

    I just about lost my lunch when I saw this.

    Now after driving our new Prius for a couple of months, scratches have built up and the sun has caused it ot turn somewhat yellow now as well as it tends to sag in the middle. In the summer I have a stick braced on the floor to the sunroof to hold the sagging plexiglass up. (My wife hates this part but I don't care.)

    My wife is angry over what I did to the car and especially the fact that the shape of the sunroof hole is somewhat of a jagged trapazoid shape.

    My Question to Toyota... On such a popular car, why would you not ad something that most sun loving people like... a SUNROOF?!?!

    Mad Prius owner
    May 28, 2006

    There's no way this is real. Who in the world would hire a stranger to install a sunroof in a brand new $25,000 car?

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    There's no way it really took you two months to figure that out. ;-)

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    Diesel Driver - very interesting info on the European hybrid research. Maybe there is hope for the manual transmission in a hybrid after all. I think I'll wait and see what the Europeans come out with before getting a hybrid.

    All you considering a Prius or Civic and want a sunroof - why don't you consider a Jetta TDI - easily obtainable with a sunroof. Not a hybrid, but gets comparable MPG.

    I was dead set on getting a hybrid, but I finally was forced to wait so I sat back and took stock on what I really wanted from a car. I now have done a complete flip and plan on getting a diesel instead. My conclusion is that hybrids are cool, but they're not the only cars that get great MPG.

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    But I definitely agree with everyone that says hybrids should be available with sunroofs. Withholding that option is a bad business decision in my opinion...

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    A sunroof, just like any open window increases the drag coefficient. More drag means lower gas mileage and that's not what the hybrid is after. Oddly enough vehicles get better mileage with their windows shut and that includes sunroofs.

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    >>A sunroof, just like any open window increases the drag coefficient. More drag means lower gas mileage and that's not what the hybrid is after.

    So?? Most people that want them are probably willing to sacrifice a few mpg for it. Besides, a lot of other extras on modern cars add weight, also reducing mpg. Should we strip our cars of anything luxurious to maximize mpg?? I'll take my sunroof... I want to enjoy my ride.

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