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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    I justing reading this post. I drive a vw jetta tdi low to mid 40s combine driving and I have a sunroof. If want a nice car with a sunroof test drive vw diesel. I treavel 600mile on a tank of gas. Don

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    My RX400h has a sunroof as standard equipment. I use it frequently.

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    I have a 2006 Prius on order and am seriously considering adding a sunroof to it...

    - Anyone know of any issues in adding a sunroof to the Prius (affecting wires, cables, infrastructure, airbags, etc.)?

    - Any suggestions on how to get a sunroof installed?

    The solar panel would be very kewl too. I'm wondering if that post about the solar panel was just a comment of fiction or a possibility in reality...

    - If it's a possibility, any suggestions on how'd I go about getting a solar panel installed?

    They mod the Scion to the hilt, I say why not add some after-market urban flare to the Prius!
    The roof, the roof...

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    Driving around the San Francisco Bay area a few days, I saw a Honda Civic Hybrid with a sunroof. Must have been an after-market add-on.

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    Who can wait? I did a little more Googling and unf, it doesn't sound like there's an immediate, cost-effecitve way to add solar (or plug-in) power to the Prius. But there IS progress in that direction! Some links with commentaries below...

    Solar-Powered Toyota Prius Project - http://www.treehugger.com/files/2005...-powered_t.php

    Solar Energy Kit Gives Prius 10% Better Mileage - http://www.renewableenergyaccess.com...story?id=40320

    How We Green-Tuned an '04 Prius into a PRIUS+ Plug-In Hybrid! - http://www.calcars.org/priusplus.html

    Now, I'd be glad to generate some vitamin D myself with a sun roof if I could find something on the web about it!

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    Roof, the Renewable Energy Access website you mention has a comments section which discusses the roof-mounted solar cells as being a fraud. For an investment of over $2000, they generate 1/25 horsepower, which is utterly insignificant.

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    I've read the new Camry hybrid will have a sunroof as an added cost option.

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    The sunroof, on the smaller cars such as the Prius ad civic, which I have recently purchased, will sacrifice the structural integrity of the vehicle and thus safety features won't be nearly as effective, i.e. side curtain airbags, crumple zones. A sun roof has always been a "must have" feature for me, but the sacrifice is well worth it. My advice is if you want sun so badly, go for a walk.

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    Sunroof on a hybrid

    I just bought a slightly used 05 Escape hybrid, trading in my 98 Passport in on it. Man do I miss that sunroof. Having said that though, I know that glass is heavier than metal and I will accept the lighter weight/lack of sun of my FEH for the sake of better mpg.

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    Sunroof on a hybrid


    i'm waiting too! this is the car i'm waiting for:

    1. hybrid
    2. lightweight with good mpg, and also qualifying for stickers for carpool lane
    3. sunroof
    4. high safety ratings

    until then my safe honda accord with sunroof will do me fine.


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