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    Lemon Honda Hybrid

    I bought my 2003 HCH in late 2002 and its still going strong. Just nearing the 30,000 mark witout needing any hardware replacements. Honda recently had me do a software upgrade (which was free) and I've noticed an improvement in one or two systems ( battery and effeciency related). I've noticed that the car does better on freeway than in-city, and is defintely the vehicle for distance driving.

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    Lemon Honda Hybrid

    CVT transmissions in general do not seem to bey very reliable. The Civic HX also has the same CVT as the Honda hybrids, and I read epinions on CVT-equipped HX coupes, and they don't seem to be very reliable. The last car to offer a CVT before hybrids came out was the Subaru Justy, and that CVT was not reliable, and it costs over $2200 to replace, which seems very expensive for a cheap small car.

    Too bad Honda stopped offering manual transmissions on their hybrids. It's also worth noting that the Accord hybrid does not have a CVT; it has a regular 5-speed auto, but I heard bad things about the Accord hybrid's engine.

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    Lemon Honda Hybrid

    Linda you are lucky!!! I had a new transmission every 12,000 miles. On my 4th one I said that is it. I got out of that one. I am not happy about our lemon law in Alabama. It is a joke.

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    So, wait, you are having an

    So, wait, you are having an issue with a Honda Hybrid lawnmower????

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    "The question… Is it a

    "The question… Is it a lemon?"
    I think states have different lemon laws...? But I know in Illinois, if you take your new car to the dealership more than 3 times to fix the same problem and it's still not fixed after the 3rd time, it's a lemon. Sounds like yours more than qualifies as a lemon. I'm sorry you're having bad luck too. That really sucks!!
    IF I had bought mine brand new I would have been able to use the lemon law unfortunately I'm stuck.

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    Honda lies or I have a

    Honda lies or I have a lemon. I purchased my 2006 Hybrid in July of 2006 brand new and my friend bought an identical one with me. I have NEVER gotten over 38 mpg. Now I am averaging 34 mpg. My friend drives his car like a race car, up hills, etc. and he gets 45 on average. I complained and complained to Honda and brought my car to the dealer ship many times. They suggested all these expensive fixes not covered under warranty like clean fuel injection and tons of other stuff. No dice. So my friend thought it was maybe the way I drove. We switched cars for one week. His average on MY car was 26 mpg and my average on HIS was 48 mpg. Not to mention, I had a defective battery and it took me a year to get them to replace it. Didn't help my MPG though. YES, I GOT A LEMON. :-(

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    That's very interesting.

    That's very interesting. Good idea to swap cars. So this finally drove it home for the dealership and Honda. And interesting to hear what a sub-standard battery can do to mileage. Good to hear it was at least resolved!

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    From an automotive

    From an automotive engineer:

    Mr. Wagonner forced innovation to be set aside to slowly introduce it years later as new technology for extra profit. We could have saved lives using side curtain airbags years ago. We didn't because we wanted to make a buck offering it as an "option." We knew the 3.7L I-5 would overheat. We knew the Volt wouldn't get 240 mpg. We sold those vehicles anyway knowing they weren't safe enough, reliable enough, and efficient enough. That's why I left.

    Obviously Anonymous you've never driven a Lexus IS, Nissan Skyline, Toyota Supra, or Acura NSX. You're honestly comparing Chrysler products to Toyota or Honda's full lineups? I could see comparing them to ford, or chevy, because they at least have some iconic vehicles in their lineups, but chryslers are nothing more then polished turds. It has been over a decade since Chrysler has produced any true award winning vehicles, and they RARELY last past 100k. I get liking a "pretty" car, but give me a break...

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