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    Lemon Honda Hybrid


    Who told you your catalytic converter is out of warranty?

    They may be trying to rip you off.

    According to my 2004 HCH's manual and warranty information, the emissions control system is warrantied for life.

    Try to check your manual regarding the emissions control system. Although yours is a 2003 model, it should be similiar to the 2004 model, and you should not have to pay for anything regarding the catalytic converter.

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    Lemon Honda Hybrid

    Agreed. The catalytic converter should still be under warranty. The length of time related to the emissions rating AZ-pzez etc) But its more than 3 years by a buncxh I believe.

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    Lemon Honda Hybrid

    I called Honda customer relations to get some help with my catalytic converter problems. Probably your best bet if you are having any prblems. They gave me a case manager who got everything done quickly. I am getting a new catalytic converter pluus they are going to figure out what's wrong, and I get a free rental while they have my car. The warranty on the catlytic converteris 80,000 mile and I am over 94,000.

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    Lemon Honda Hybrid


    I had a similar experience with my Ford Ranger. After all those problems and many years later I still own the dang thing and it still has problems. Lemon laws didn't work for me and attorneys couldn't get me a new vehicle due to Ford kept repairing and repairing and repairing; showing a log of successfully working with me to solve my vehicle issues. Ford Motor Co., said in a written statement that so long as the vehicle is under warranty that they will do whatever is necessary to repair and maintain my vehicle. The result... lemon law didn't work for me.

    As for my 06 HCH... I love it. Not a single issue and it is by far the best compact car I have ever owned. In fact, I have never had a bad Honda product, 4 Accords, 1 HCH, 1 Lawn Mower (17 years old and runs great), 1 Snow Blower, 1 MotorCycle. Now, Toyota's... that's a different subject completely. Tried 3 new Toyota's and they were the least reliable vehicles we have EVER owned! I guess it can happen to anyone and any company.

    Best of Luck!

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    Lemon Honda Hybrid

    Hola companions of US. You are lucky with the laws, which the return of the car allows you in case several times lose virginity. Here nothing similar exists, in fact, I had to take my Seat Ibiza 1.2 (in Europa Audi, VW and Seat are united and the same pieces have for his vehicles) to the concessionaire more than 3 times until finally they repaired it. If you are lucky and everything is easy, you take it to yourself solved, if not, you will continue suffering the breakdowns without support of the law.

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    Lemon Honda Hybrid

    Hondas are super reliable.. so are Toyotas.. though that doesn't mean every once in a while there is a lemon.

    Some dealerships are slimy. If your Honda is busted, under warranty, and your dealership is being a pain. Try another Honda shop.

    I once had a Chevy Z28. The brakes failed on me and I ended up on the side of the road. Nearly crashed into a light pole.

    They checked the car out.. said nothing was wrong. I noticed i had nice shiny new brakes when I picked the car up. I asked why. The mechanic shut his trap and walked away, saying nothing.

    He knew he could get away with it because I had no proof, and the car wasn't damaged when I flew off the road. Just grass stuck in various spots.

    I don't trust anyone.

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    Lemon Honda Hybrid

    Hey Gary...

    I couldn't help but notice the way your GM dealer treated you. I am glad that neither you or your truck were injured/damaged as a result of brake failure. It is also great that they were smart about the situation, and supplied you w/ new brakes.

    As far as MOST domestic dealers go... I don't trust them because of the simple fact that you CANNOT TRUST Mr. Rick Wagoners (GM CEO, who is currently LOSING mega market share) team of engineers. GM must tell their engineers that these dealers need to make a main percentage of their profit through various pre-mature part replacements... because I haven't known ONE person in the last 10 years that has had frequent long-term success w/ their GM or Ford product.

    I am not saying that good products from Ford and GM don't exist. I am saying that the liklihood of purchasing a good product from one of these companies is LOW. Do yourself a favor and get a Honda or Toyota that is MUCH MORE LIKELY to give you long term reliability and success. :-)

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    Lemon Honda Hybrid

    Additionally to all the above, make sure yourself to have this case reaching the honda commercial department.

    There are several stakeholders in that business: YOU, the service managers, and the COMMERCIAL department.

    Afterall they know you won't make it easy on them, and really believe you'd make this issue reaching out to more public domains.

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    Lemon Honda Hybrid


    MR Wagoner does not force his engineers to make sure parts fail so the dealers can make a profit on parts, Where do you get this from? Reliability for domestic autos is much better for long term reliability than you think, In JD Powers survey for long term reliability, cars on the road for four years, domestic nameplates held 3 of the top 5 spots, Buick was in 2nd place Lexus placed 1st, Cadillac and Lincoln also placed in the top 5.

    I can understand where your bias may come from, Look at the home page of this web site, A cartoon has an executive from GM and Ford sitting at a bar drunk and delusional on e-85 saying who needs hybirds, Fact is Ford has a hybird and GM has various types of hybirds, Though not the electric motor type, They do have cylinder deactivation that will let a 300 hp v8 to achieve 29 mpg hwy. Thats impressive, GM and Ford also have many models that achieve mpg's in the 30's range.

    And while we slam GM and Ford for not having hybirds where are all the hybirds from Subaru, Nissan, Mazda, BMW, Hyundai and many other manufactures? Currently GM, DaimlerChrysler and BMW are working on a hybird system of there own.

    Personally I would'nt consider a Toyota or Honda due to the lame and boring cars they build, They have managed to take the fun out of driving. To me the car company that has built the most fun vehicles in the past 10 years is Chrysler, Look no farther than the Prowler,Viper the srt10 pickup, srt4 turbo charged Neon the Crossfire and srt6 supercharged Crossfire and the srt versions of the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Magnum wagon and Charger...How can Toyota and Honda with such a boring line up compete?

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    Lemon Honda Hybrid

    My 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid is going into the shop for a brand new transmission! I am under 45,000 miles. Has anyone out there experienced this one?

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