So my HCH is a lemon? Well let us see, I posted here when I bought the car asking if anyone knew how to get the car to auto stop (wasn't working), no one had any helpful ideas. Then the thing stopped charging itself. I brought it in, got a loaner car, they kept it for a week, said they changed something out and it was fixed. Then it died a week later, another loaner car and a week in the shop, they changed something else out and said it was fixed. Then guess what… It died again. They kept it for two weeks and Honda America had them change out the whole computer for the IMS. Drove it for another week and low and behold today the damn thing crapped out 50 miles from home on while driving down the freeway. Check engine light on, IMA light on, the fan and dash lights started going on and off all by themselves as if someone was flipping a master switch for all the power. Engine became sluggish and unresponsive and died going down the highway. Pulled it over and it wouldn’t even turn over when I tried to restart it.

The question… Is it a lemon? The dealership has been nice and given me a loaner each time, they have been apologetic. However no one can fix it. I have owned the car for 7 weeks and have had it in my possession for about 3 of those 7 weeks.

Does anyone have a similar experience with Honda Civic Hybrid?
Does anyone have experience with a brand new car and using the lemon law?

I live in OR and know we have such laws on the books but need to research them. Just wondering what the response will be on Monday when the service dept. opens and I tell them I am fed up, don’t trust the car, and want a replacement.

Please comment, I would love to hear what you all have to say about this quagmire.