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    Hydrogen Vehicle Deals Signed

    Liquid Hydrogen Tanks + Fuel Cells + Electric engine =
    IMO would be good idea for a hybrid.

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    Hydrogen Vehicle Deals Signed

    The thing that renewable energy bloggers seem to get but seems to be missed her is that a hydrogen fuel cell IS JUST A BATTERY. its just a chemical way of storing ELECTRICITY. This means that any car maker who doesnt already have commercially marketed vehicles with elecric motors is going to be way behind the game when/if fuel cells reach market. I could quite possible see a government and industry subsidised initiative to replace the battery packs in hybrids with fuel cells, after all technology that makes use of existing infrastructure will always be most rapidly phased in.

    Did any body else notice that the article stated 44 million from manufacturers AND 44 million from government subsidies to provide a 40 vehicle fleet!!. 2,200,2000 dollars per vehicle, and they want us to beleive theyll have a marketable (presumable around $30,000) vehicle in 10 to 15 years!

    For that price almost 3000 plug in hybrids could be bought outright. Or even better 6000 half subsidised (who wouldnt pay $15,000 for a car that gets 150mpg.)

    What a waste of money

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    Hydrogen Vehicle Deals Signed

    sorry that $2,200,000 per vehicle

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    Hydrogen Vehicle Deals Signed

    Hydrogen highway. Cal is useing gas hydro cars for some reson, even tho the hydro refueling stations get the hydro in liquid form. But it is a start.

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    Hydrogen Vehicle Deals Signed

    Sorry Folks,
    To all of you Nay Sayers my question is why not try. Almost all inventions, discoveries in medinces, genome, cloning and etc. was born out of attempts to do the impossible. Like most of these impossible tasks, E=mc2 and the speed of light has never been proven or achieved to any point of certainity.
    However, look at the side products of such attempts. The big bang theory has never been proven to complete certainty. Yet it has propel astronomy to mythic proportions with such things actives search of and prove of black holes, quasars, pulsars, stellar gases, radio astronomy, etc. Dreams are just part of the beginning. Let them fool around hydrogen cars, and someday your car might be drinking the same water as you. Or you will see the disposable car, where you buy it and its when its out of fuel ten years later; you trade it in for another. So, In the act of trying to do the impossible(as the nay sayers claim) you might just might find the possible. And a hundred of years from now 4 graders will be taught the very same thing we can't even comprehend. Yes, we all take for granted the light bulb, electricity, and the telephone. That is unless you are a 4th grader.
    So, dream on hybriders, and hopefully my great, great grand son will ask me what makes the __________- go.

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    Hydrogen Vehicle Deals Signed

    Dont get me wrong, i believe that fuel cells will absolutely have a place in vehicles in the future. I just dont think it will be in personal cars for at least 20-30 years, probably longer. The size and expense of the systems will make them suitable for large trucks, commercial vehicles, but i dont think that we will see fuel cell cars drop from 2,200,000 to a resonable level in the near future. Remember the cost of these vehicles will probably need to remain high to subsidize the complete replacement of the refueling infrastructure.

    When you consider that most of the public and media think that the 3000-4000 extra that a hybrid costs makes it prohibitively expensive i cant see how fuel cell cars will be competitive in my lifetime (im 23). Even small fuel cells, far too small to power a car can cost more than a car price. My personal opinion is that we have a good way to store electricity already, theyre called batteries. The only real problem with batteries is longevity, so with some research into battery life improvements, and power density i think battery electric vehicles are far more realistic.

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