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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    Our family, like so many of those noted above, is waiting for a quality hybrid van to be introduced here in Canada. We have a 1991 Corolla wagon -- and growing kids, and aging parents -- that we'd like to replace. Yet we also REFUSE to buy a newer high-polluting conventional van. Wake up, Toyota & Honda! How slow you are!

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    hybrid minivan that comfortably seats 6-8
    a/c, usb port, navigation
    need asap

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    Add me to the list. Two adults, two kids, a dog and all my cargo would fit nicely in a new hybrid minivan. I told my wife that she could have the minivan when they came out with a hybrid. As much as I hate to admit it, I'd do it tomorrow if it were available.

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    Why don't the car companies get it? I've been waiting for over two years now hoping that someone will come out with a hybrid minivan. I refuse to buy anything until something becomes available. I URGE you to do the same--don't settle for less and don't purchase some behometh that gets crummy gas mileage, simply because it's easy to buy now rather than wait. If more of us wait, and simply don't buy, the pressure should be greater to come out with a hybrid minivan sooner.

    I do hope that they will not use the hybrid function simply to boost power (yet again) and not strive for significantly greater fuel efficiency. Honda's Accord and the Toyota Highlander did this, and the additional MPG on each of these hybrids is not all that impressive. Automotive marketing and product development decisionmakers need to stop adhering to the outdated assumption that all Americans want the biggest, most powerful car that is possibly available.

    It's not just about economics of better mileage (though this helps). It's about wanting to make a positive difference, personally, in my purchase decisions.


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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    Why doesnt' the public get it. We've been crying for years for a hybrid minivan. Hell they have fuel cell technology thats ready and we wont see that when they say either.
    Soaring gas prices wont drive the market to hybrid it will do the opposite.
    I'm as frustrated as anyone else but the truth is, anything that will cut on oil and petroleum sales like a sienna hybrid (which will be 1 in 10 cars on the road after a few years) gets the rights bought out by the oil companies. Its collusion! And we are getting the bad end of the deal.

    It doesn't matter how much we cry, the automakers develop and hype these products so they can get more money from the oil companies when they sell the design.

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    I'd love a hybrid minivan, but this high-tech wizardry isn't necessary to get better mileage. If they'd just offer a basic 4-cylinder engine, like on Accord and Camry, you'd jump 5-10 mpg. Within the past 15 years, automakers stopped offering four bangers, because power-hungry Americans weren't buying them.

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    >>If they'd just offer a basic 4-cylinder engine, like on Accord and Camry, you'd jump 5-10 mpg.

    Good point. And that's why they have Diesel minivans in Europe... my cousin in France has one... I'll bet they get much better mpg...

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    Come on big three!!! Where is your common sense? There is a massive market waiting for you to come out with a hybrid minivan?

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    Whoever has been in email contact with Toyota - please send this entire list to them ASAP.

    Ive been waiting for an Alphard since gas was 1.60/gallon.

    MSRP is going to be 35k for the 1st people I'll bet - but competition will bring it down if the koreans and chinese bring their own out.

    Jon March in Connecticut

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    Joining the list of those anxious for a hybrid mini-van! I practically live in my van. With four kids, I am constantly driving. With gas prices going up maybe car manufacturers will finally get a grip and give us Mini-van drivers a break.

    Don't they realize that people who drive minivans spend a lot of time on the road and are also the future car buyers for the next generation as well!!

    I just want a hybrid that will fit 6 people comfortably...

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