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    My next car is going to be a

    My next car is going to be a 4wd hybrid or diesel minivan. Who is going to step up to the plate? I thought it was going to be Chrysler when they had access to Mercedes technology, but they missed the boat and even dropped AWD from the current lineup. If toyota keeps sitting on its hands, maybe it will be one of the Korean makers. Somebody do it please.

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    PHEV Minivan !! I would buy

    PHEV Minivan !!

    I would buy one TODAY!

    The time is NOW.

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    WHY NO USA-HYBRID MINIVAN??? It was documented in multiple car magazines about five years ago after the Siena-like Hybrid was successfully shipping in Japan. UNTIL the latest oil company greed & Wash DC fiasco of “Big 3” execs with private jets, Wash DC WOULD HAVE levied protectionist taxes, fees & limits had Toyota imported their Hybrid Minivan even just a few years ago. It has been done many a time before for the likes of Harley Davidson & more than once for Chrysler.

    Toyota (& others, not just Japan) was already killing the "Big 3" without it and consciously did NOT GO FOR THE KILL! I hope they do now – something is needed to push this change in mindset for sake of the world. Still today a “Big 3” car of similar HP is 20% less fuel efficient of an even larger Toyota model.

    BUT PLEASE NOTE, I DO NOT WANT to buy foreign, it is just the track record of features, quality, reliability, etc. of companies like Toyota that drive my decisions (our Sequoia is more USA content than some of the “Big 3” SUV’s). In fact, right now I have the Ford Escape on our finalist list, but it is hard to pull the trigger EVEN with the current great deals out there.

    PS – Still not convinced? Look at the focus at auto shows; at the same show companies like Toyota claimed they were going hybrid for every line and GM was saying “we need a new Hummer”!!!

    PPS – BUT DO NOT BLAME JUST the auto companies. In the 1980’s oil companies quit buying ALL FORDS when a less than 50 cent part doubled the motor oil life (JUST MOTOR OIL) – that cost Ford billions and certainly slowed them from improving gas mileage. I could go on with more inside stories (like the first Camry dissected at Ford, GM’s excellent robotics that sold to all but the “Big 3”, Ralph Nader ensured we only had big cars,…) but I’ve overstayed my welcome with too many words already.

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    A Hybrid Mini-Van is the

    A Hybrid Mini-Van is the ideal vehicle for my Family, I would buy it without hesitation.

    Why does it take so long for the manufactures to see what is wanted and needed for consumers, is it the "Forest & Tree " syndrome.


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    We want the hybrid mini-van!

    We want the hybrid mini-van! We want the hybrid mini-van! We want the hybrid mini-van! We want the hybrid mini-van! We want the hybrid mini-van! We want the hybrid mini-van!

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    Chrysler's making noises

    Chrysler's making noises about a PHEV minivan. If you want to further push them to actually make one, I highly recommend you call their customer care line at:


    Chrysler LLC Customer Assistance Center
    P.O. Box 21-8004
    Auburn Hills, MI 48321-8004
    Telephone Number

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    I always lease minivans

    I always lease minivans since I am waiting for hybrid model to come out. My lease is ending this December. I hope one will be coming by then so I can stop leasing and buy a hybrid minivan.

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    We too are waiting to for

    We too are waiting to for hybrid minivan. We won't buy a new car until a hybrid minivan comes out!

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    When????? I'm hanging in

    When????? I'm hanging in there, but WHEN???

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    Isn't chrysler working on

    Isn't chrysler working on something like that? I think they might have a plug in electric.

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