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    I will trade in my 2001

    I will trade in my 2001 Chrysler T&C for a Hybrid minivan the day it is available. I like the Highlander Hybrid ok, but I want a hybrid minivan.

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    Where did you buy this ?

    Where did you buy this ?

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    what is the make and modle

    what is the make and modle of your hybrid minivan and where did you get it or where do you live?

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    I find you people quite

    I find you people quite un-educated... Mini van Hybrid= No market for it! It's one thing to ask for it online... But one thing to pay 30-40k for a veh.

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    A hybrid minivan would sell

    A hybrid minivan would sell like hotcakes without a doubt. Anyone who does not think so has their head in the sand. Lots of us would like the space a minivan offers our families. Right now to get a well outfitted minivan will cost you at least 30K. Give me a minivan from Toyota or Honda with the options I want and at least 40 MPG and I have no problem paying 40K. To me the extra 10K is worth it. The economy and the environment is at the perfect moment for it. I even considered bringing over the Toyota from Japan to get one the paperwork was a tad much for me.

    Thanks to Honda and Toyota's efforts on the MPG front I feel very loyal to them. The fact that they still will not bring a hybrid minivan to the US market brings them a notch down to the low class level of companies like GM and Chrysler.

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    how about the new diesel

    how about the new diesel minivan from VW. diesel cost more but you go further and you can convert to veggie oil and go greener!

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    1. add me to the list of

    1. add me to the list of potential hybrid minivan buyers.

    2. scott - what type of change would be required to the diesel VW to have it run on veggie oil?

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    With all due respect, a

    With all due respect, a fully outfitted Sienna XLE costs upwards of 54K in Canada and they are still selling well.

    40k for Hybrid Sienna or Odyssey is an amount I would have no problem paying. But that's just me.

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    I would like to purchase a

    I would like to purchase a high quality Hybrid MiniVan in the United States.....soon!!

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    Hello skippy, i don't know

    Hello skippy,

    i don't know much about this yet . i have just started the research. so far i have found a place in Oberlin Ohio, which is close to my house, it is called full circle fuels. just google them. they tell me that it cost about 3k to convert to the new system and veggie fuel at the pump is $2.50 a gallon. the only problem i have is that is not that close to my house to just go get a tank of veggie fuel. so if i decide to do this, i will buy a small trailer and a 300 gallon water tank and drive there once every two months and buy fuel. i know it sound like alot of work but i can only compair it to getting firer wood for a wood burring stove. not that hard just a little leg work and little more cash. i think if i were to do this the savings would take longer but my carbon foot print will change immediately.

    the other place is called love craft fuels, they are lower CA and they have a single tank system.

    sorry for getting off track, the changes made are a second tank,separate fuel line and a small electric heater to warm the fuel, filters and a small electric control modulator. the ECM will tell some thing don't shut off yet we are running on oil not Diesel. the car will need to start on Diesel and end on diesel.

    there is a lot of pod cast on itunes that would be a better source than me. but check with these web site that i have talk about these people are real Diesel geeks.

    In my opinion Diesel has a long track record and hybrid technology is just in its 2 or 3rd generation right now, so i am on the fence. i reallly want a plug in hybrid. www.pluginamerica.com

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