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    I just found this page. I

    I just found this page. I was told 3 years ago by a Toyota sales rep that a hybrid minivan would be out any time now! I'm still waiting. It is nice to know I'm not the only one. With talk of gas being $4.00 a gallon minimum this summer what the heck are they waiting for. Does anyone know how to forward this entire sight to the auto makers &/or the Presidential candidates?

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    Just found this site in

    Just found this site in search of something that seats 6 or more! A Hybrid minivan is long overdue. I will not dump money into a tight 5 seater and then not be able to have guests and family ride with us on travels. An official from one of the manufactures needs to step in a reply on this blog and or make an official anouncement of their minivan plans.
    Arthur Timmins
    Wee, CA

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    And our gas just hit $3.99

    And our gas just hit $3.99 gal a few days ago!

    Arthur Timmins
    Weed, CA

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    Well, we need this Toyota

    Well, we need this Toyota Sienna Hybrid NOW. How much longer we have to wait? How much more fortune we have to spend on gas before Toyota Hybrid Sienna sees the light of the day.
    Toyota needs to make a official statement regarding this.

    Toyota Please help us out, please send Toyota Sienna Hybrid to US soon.

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    When hybrid technology can

    When hybrid technology can be put in Highlander, why can't same be put in Sienna and shipped to US?

    Lets send a petition to Toyota. When Toyota can release hybrid vans in Japan, why not in US?

    Time to take some action, because obviously neither Toyota neither Honda are reading these posts. We can put these comments in a petition and send to Toyota/Honda representatives.

    Please suggest....

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    maybe Toyota or Honda afraid

    maybe Toyota or Honda afraid of losing market of their SUV product lines.

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    We at Toyota decided that

    We at Toyota decided that you do not deserve a hybrid minivan. You are just a bunch of whining losers. Go to hell ! We are also going to scrap the sales of Prius and Camry if don't stop whining.

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    Hello everyone -- Just let

    Hello everyone --

    Just let Toyota know directly from their website below. I just sent them a link to this page.

    Here's the link to their contacts page:

    I find it hard to believe they could be unaware of the demand for a hybrid mini-van, but you never know!

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    Hello agaiin -- The

    Hello agaiin --

    The response from Toyota appears below. If you really want a hybrid mini-van, let Toyota know! http://www.toyota.com/help/contactus.html

    And tell them you will be shopping around for other more fuel effecient options for large passenger capacity vehicles. As an earlier post suggests, their profit margins on non-hybrid vehicles are greater than on hybrids, so the may have no incentive to offer the hybrid mini-van option, especially if they believe customers will just settle for one of their non-hybrid mini-vans. Tell them you won't settle but go elsewhere!

    Toyota responds:
    Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
    We appreciate your interest in our hybrid technology.
    I apologize; we do not currently have any plans to announce the introduction of a hybrid Sienna in the U.S. We are, however, aware of consumer interest, and consistently strive to remain competitive in today's market. Your comments and interest in this type of vehicle have been documented at our National Headquarters, where they remain available to the appropriate departments. We appreciate your input.
    We invite you to visit our Environmental Technologies and Hybrid Technology Availability for Other Toyotas FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) to review more detailed information on these topics.
    Thank you again for your interest!
    Your email has been documented at our National Headquarters under file #XXXXXXXXXXX. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.
    Toyota Customer Experience

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    We love our Odyssey. We

    We love our Odyssey. We pamper it. We tout it. We absolutely relish it. But I would take the day off from work tomorrow to replace it with a "real" hybrid minivan, regardless of the manufacturer. With gas prices over $4.00 now, at least in San Francisco, I've actually found myself "filling up" more often now so that I don't have to actually see what it costs to fill it on an empty tank.

    Hell - Even Porsche is building a hybrid Cayenne. Toyota is playing some kind of game - no?

    Well - I'll continue to give my business to the pump until a hybrid minivan arrives, and I'll be as high on the waiting list as possible for that day as well.

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