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    Any news on the hybrid minivan front?

    I have been waiting (not so patiently) for almost four years for a hybrid minivan. I refuse to buy one of the current gas-guzzlers, but it is really getting hard to transport 2 adults, 2 kids and their car seats, 1 dog and gear in a Honda Civic!!

    Does anyone have any encouraging news?

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    New Estima Petition to sign

    I've signed the others (can't remember where), but here's the latest petition..

    Sign it if you have the chance..


    Other links of interest:


    Digg (URL top 40 service):


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    Here is a link below for a petition to sign to help bring the Toyota Minivan to the US market, it would be great if they brought it here.


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    Hybrids in Thailand? Only One - The Toyota Minivan

    Well, I just got back from Bangkok and from what I can tell there is only one Hybrid vehicle roaming the streets of Thailand... Yes! You guessed it! The Toyota Minivan Hybrid. I saw many of them!!! No Priuses, No Ford Escape Hybrids, No Camry Hybrids, No Nissan Hybrids... but many Toyota Hybrid Minvans... I am still looking for it on the internet but here are some other interesting links:

    (Toyota's Thailand Website in English)

    (Note: May take a few minutes to load)

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    Japanese Won't Share!

    Why are the Japanese holding back their Toyota Sienna Hybrid Minivan? They would sell like 'hotcakes' in America! They have been teasing us the last few years (since 2005, I think), telling us we would have it by '06, no '07,no wait '08. If they don't want to share, they just need to tell us.

    I have been driving minivans for 10 years, & I have no desire to purchase a SUV or a car. So, if someone doesn't follow through with a Hybrid minivan soon, I'll just buy another non-Hybrid minivan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pkleasure View Post
    I have been driving minivans for 10 years, & I have no desire to purchase a SUV or a car. So, if someone doesn't follow through with a Hybrid minivan soon, I'll just buy another non-Hybrid minivan.
    Think that right there is the crux of the issue. Toyota and Honda have higher margin on non-Hybrids than they do on Hybrids. Volume is what's pushing the hybrid market. The point of a hybrid in the market right now is to entice people away from other purchases. If for example they are down-sizing from an SUV to a cross-over they may step back and get an Explorer Hybrid. If they are downsizing to a sedan, they may just get a Civic Hybrid or Prius.

    Point is, people who need a minivan (like us) are going to get a minivan regardless. They will probably try to get the one with the best MPG, but right now Toyota and Honda are neck and neck. There is no high occupancy vehicle that comes close to a minivan in MPG. Until someone comes out with a Navigator getting 35-40 mpg, there is little incentive for Toyota or Honda to move a high margin line to a low margin line.

    So it's not about money, it's all about image. So from what I've read about Toyota, they plan to eventually offer HSD as an option on all vehicles. This point as vanished and reappeared a few times, but it may eventually happen. The first quote put this at 2010, I personally don't think it will happen till around 2015. But I see no indication that either maker will move to a hybrid minivan in the next 4 years.

    Just my opinion


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    Good news

    Election year!

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    What is Toyota waiting for!!

    What is Toyota waiting for!! I am in desperate need of a new van, my Odyssey is almost 11 years old and has well over 200k miles on it. It's also too short to transport my daughter and her wheelchair.I don't have the luxury of driving anything OTHER than a van. My daughter's needs make it impossible for us to buy anything else. My husband and I have been holding out for a Japanese hybrid, but I have to say if one of the US companies comes out with a hybrid-van first we would seriously consider buying! Wake up Toyota!

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    I totally agree!!! Those

    I totally agree!!! Those needing a wheelchair accessible vehicle should have hybrid choices.

    As for myself, I am pregnant with my 2nd child, and with 2 car seats, 2 parents, a big dog and stuff . . . I need a minivan. Yet I do NOT want to buy a gas-guzzler! Why is it that Japan got the option of a hybrid minivan back in 2001, and in 2008 the U.S. still does not have one for sale here?!!

    Listen up automakers. There is a market here for you. You can help improve your "green" credentials AND make money!

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