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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    A recent trip to our Toyota dealer seems to confirm the 2008 Hybrid minivan release date. We were looking at the current hybrid options and lamented the lack of a Hybrid minivan. Our salesman indicated Toyota was looking to introduce a redesigned Sienna and Sienna hybrid in 2008, but he didn't have specific details.

    The car I'm currently driving is paid for, I can wait for 2008.

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    I would not rely on the 2008 date. When we needed a second car in 1999, Toyota was already advertising a hybrid called the Prius to be released in early 2000. We waited. It got moved to spring of 2000. Then summer. We finally bought an Echo (worst Toyota ever!) in June, and the Prius came out the very next month.

    This time, we're determined to stick it out until ANY company comes out with a hybrid minivan that gets 40 mpg. Heck, I'm so desperate I'd buy a GM! Toyota's excuses are lame. If they're not profitable enough, increase the price. Demand is certainly there. And how hard is it to shift a right-hand drive to a left-hand drive on the Japanese Estima to get it over here sooner rather than later? Back in 1987 I swore never to own a car that got under 30 mpg. It's almost twenty years later and they can't hit 40 mpg? Give me a break!

    The kids can survive being "Tetrisised" into the Echo for a couple more years. After that, we'll buy a non-Toyota hybrid out of sheer spite. (And if you want real fun, fit two adults and two kids into an Echo for a week-long trip to Disneyland).

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    put me on the list, but why doesn't someone else come out with a hybrid mini-van???? Kia, Hyundai, Honda, etc, etc????? Looks like many of us don't care who comes out with one, just come out with a good one!

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    if you have$

    import this


    more details


    then buy


    install eye on rooftop for best results

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    Just saw this in Grist on-line magazine

    Plugs and Kisses
    Toyota considering plug-in hybrids and flex-fuel vehicles for U.S.

    Toyota plans to develop a plug-in hybrid vehicle, the company announced last week. Rechargeable via any typical electrical outlet, a plug-in would be able to "travel greater distances without using its gas engine, ... conserve more oil, and slice smog and greenhouse gases to nearly imperceptible levels," said Jim Press, president of Toyota's North American subsidiary. The technology is far from ready, and the automaker has no timeline for offering the cars for sale, but hey -- we'll give it points for pressing forward with the R&D while other companies dawdle. Toyota is also taking a serious look at bringing flex-fuel cars capable of running on an E85 ethanol blend to the U.S. market, putting pressure on America's beleaguered Big Three automakers, who recently announced that they will double production of flex-fuel vehicles. Toyota already produces E85-capable vehicles in Brazil. Toyota, which dominates the regular hybrid market, also plans to introduce hybrid versions of all its current vehicle models.

    straight to the source: Detroit Free Press, Justin Hyde, 19 Jul 2006

    straight to the source: Reuters, John Crawley, 19 Jul 2006

    straight to the source: The Courier-Journal, Associated Press, Ken Thomas, 19 Jul 2006

    I'm hoping this is true since we stayed with the American made and bought a used '99 Windstar (esp since my brother was working for Ford and got us a great deal and would be able to fix the car for us). It is a 7 seater and we can just fit our family of 6 in it. When we need to bring the dog along it is difficult. My kids are on the younger side so as long as a friend doesn't need a car seat we have 1 seat for a friend, but another adult would be difficult. Right now baby #5 is due next year and we're thinking we're really going to need an 8 seater since we will have 3 in car seats and one in a booster. I'm really hoping Honda or Toyota will do something about the hybrid minivan, esp since they make the only two 8 seater mini vans. I can't keep paying $10 to drive to a dr appt! WIth all the traffic lights and stop and go traffic here in NJ I think that is about what I am paying for driving 1/2 hour to my chiro and the health food store 2 towns away. Anyone know anything about this article I posted?

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    I echo many of the sentiments expressed above. We own a Prius and absolutely love it, except that we really could use more room. It's difficult to fit large items in it - with a car seat in the back we can't put the seats down. The curved roof makes it difficult to put anything on top. Any suggestions on how to fit more in or on a Prius would be welcome!

    Our other car, a Toyota Camry, has served us well, but is over 10 years old. With another baby on the way and a desire to travel (and do-it-youself at home), we need a larger vehicle. We don't need more power, just more room. We don't want the Highlander - too expensive and not a full hybrid. We've been considering a Ford Escape, but we don't want to support Ford and it's not really what we want. What we want is a minivan with good gas mileage - anything less than 40 mpg is really unacceptable - and cleaner or no exhaust. I just need enough power to be able to pull out safely into traffic and get up hills. Is anybody listening? I'd buy a hybrid Sienna now if it were an acceptable price. I don't know if we can wait until next year, with no positive proof that there's one coming out. I just wonder what our fellow consumers are thinking, buying gas guzzlers and dirty exhausts. I can't believe that Hummers are even allowed to exist.

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    Why don't you consider the Highlander a full hybrid? It's a vehicle with different requirements such a towing, but I get 29-30 mpg combined milage.

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    The American auto manufacturers have done it to themselves with less than impressive Engineering. THe first aitomaker to bring a Hybrid Mini-van to the US will do extremely well. We are waiting to purchase one of these vehicles and also are not interested in support Ford Motor Company.

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    Does anyone know why they won't introduce a hybrd minivan in the US. THere must be some greedy reason.

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    Hybrid Minivan US Availability?

    I'd buy a hybrid minivan in a heartbeat if one was available, whether it's Honda or Toyota or (gasp!) GM.

    What's going on inside Toyota's marketing dept, one must wonder. The technology is there, the demand is there, the tax incentives are there. What are they waiting for?

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