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    I would buy one right away.

    I would buy one right away. The highlander hybrid is just too expensive. My Prius is getting too small for my family. A Sienna hybrid at $27k? Practically a steal with the functionality you can get with it. I hope toyota decides to market it in the States before my 17 year old Geo Prism gives up the ghost.

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    Need that Seinna Hybrid NOW!

    Need that Seinna Hybrid NOW! We have a mininvan that we wanna chnage out, but have to get something much more efficient. Highlander does not make the cut - it loses its cargo space when 7 people are there. Pleease Pleease somebody doe something ;-)

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    I am a long time Prius

    I am a long time Prius owner, and the larger my family has become, the older my children are now getting, the smaller my car has become. I still cram the family of 5 in, and four dogs in the back but its not not fun.
    I do it, because I do not want to give up my 49mpg when I have two hours to commute daily.

    For GOD Sake send me an Estima or a Sienna hybrid, something that seats at least 7 and gets 40mpg.
    I am begging you already!
    My kids are about to revolt. I am starting to feel the US WANTS us to consume more OIL and be more OIL dependent than we need to be.
    I am about to leave my lifetime affair with Toyota unless they save me soon.

    April White
    San Diego Ca

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    I am looking to buy a new

    I am looking to buy a new minivan and it will be a hybrid or a TDI - I don't really care which. What is taking car manufacturers so long to get this together?

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    rapidshare - rapidsharerapidshare.

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    Please, we need a hybrid

    Please, we need a hybrid minivan with AWD or 4WD. I am holding off buying another vehicle until this happens. I am sick of the gas guzzling SUVs or the ones that claim to be hybrid, but don't deliver fuel efficiency. I have giant-breed dogs that are sick of the high entry of SUVs and adding ramps, etc only takes up more room, that I don't have. Please already, what is the problem. Like April above I am getting cynical--does the oil industry really still run this country--where are all the other energy giants? If not now, when?

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    We have a disabled adult

    We have a disabled adult child and want a plug-in hybrid mini van. Or just any hybrid mini-van, not plug-in. What is the hold up? We want a hybrid mini-van!!!!!!!

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    I have a 2004 Prius with 96K

    I have a 2004 Prius with 96K miles on it. I would have traded it in at 50K for a new Prius but am really wanting the hybrid Sienna minivan. I wonder what it would cost to buy one in Japan and ship it over? I would do that in a heartbeat. That's how bad I want one. I'm 67 years old. Can't wait much longer folks.
    Maybe we could beat them at their own game, i.e. a bunch of us buy the hybrid and ship them to America. Really America. Get with the program. You could really capitalize on this request. All we Americans want is a Hybrid Minivan. :-(

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    Lollipop, you took the words

    Lollipop, you took the words out of my mouth! I too am 67, and I want to know why there are no hybrid minivans for sale, all over the U.S. !! This is truly mind boggling.

    Did the oil companies bribe (pay off) the Japanese auto makers, to sell hybrid minivans ONLY to Japanese consumers, so that the oil companies could keep their monopoly on gas vehicles???

    How can we change this? Do we have to call our Senators, our Representatives, the White House, plus all AMERICAN AND OTHER car manufacturers, begging for what is obvious? WE WANT HYBRID MINIVANS, THAT GET 70+ MILES PER GALLON!!!

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