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    Roof Racks for Prius?

    Does anyone know if there are roof/luggage racks available for the Prius?



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    Roof Racks for Prius?

    there probably are. i'm going to get something for my civic one day.

    another thing i'm going to get for the car one day is one of those racks you see on the back of some RV's.

    i've seen racks that plug into trailer hitches. they can be used to basically extend the size of your trunk. for instance for camping some things can simply be put outside. enabling the trunk for other stuff. and it's out of the slip stream some so the gas mile hit shouldn't be too bad.

    see ya

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    Roof Racks for Prius?

    I use a Yakima removable roof rack system to carry my kayak on my Honda Civic Hybrids - but Yakima doesn't seem to have an adapter for Priuses.

    Start at http://www.yakima.com/home.html and click on Choose My Rack.

    (Dang - I keep meaning to put pictures of my hybrid with a kayak on the roof on my blog here...Real Soon Now.)

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    Yup, they now have a roof

    Yup, they now have a roof rack for the Prius

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