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    dsl vs. hbd continued...

    OK, configure a Jetta TDI over at www.vw.ca

    I can assure you that there is NO TDI in North America that sells for $6300 over its gas equivalent, except maybe the V10 Touareg but that's in another league.

    You probably goofed in selecting option packages.

    BTW there's no Value Edition in Canada but the base TDI here is similar in equipment to the Value Edition in the US and is called "GLS". You can configure it with one of three options packages:

    Pkg 1 adds sunroof and alloy wheels
    Pkg 2 adds leather to pkg 1
    Pkg 3 adds homelink, trip computer, rear sunshade and some other stuff, to package 2.

    There are a few stand-alone options such as ESP (stability program) and side-curtain airbags.

    The most expensive package, Package 3, adds about $5000 to the price of the car (in CDN $). But you can add that package to either the TDI or the base gas engine (2.5L).

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    dsl vs. hbd continued...

    Here's a more specific link for Canadian Jetta pricing:


    You will see that the base Jetta gas has a MSRP of $24975 and the TDI has a price of $26750 (both with manual gearbox). The three options packages are available at $2075, $3300 and $5125 respectively, same price gas or diesel.

    On the VW US site, the Value Edition is gas only at $17900 but the TDI starts at $21605. That's a $3075 difference, not $6300; however the TDI has much more standard equipment than the Value Edition. The equivalent gas model is only about $1300 cheaper.

    I suggest you re-run your numbers.

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    dsl vs. hbd continued...

    Sorry typo, $3705 difference.

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    dsl vs. hbd continued...

    Steve u are something else........

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    dsl vs. hbd continued...

    Steve u are something else........


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    dsl vs. hbd continued...

    Hi Steve...here is a good one for you..
    A Kia Rio can be had for about $10500..that gives
    the Jetta TDI an extra $13000 premium for the
    diesel engines...made you day didnt I ?

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    dsl vs. hbd continued...

    Steve...re your item dated 25mar
    #1, #2 and #3...do you have any links to back
    up those statements?

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    dsl vs. hbd continued...

    Steve....I think you are too focused on the word
    "performance" has to do only with accelration..
    "perfomance" relates to many things such as
    passing power (tdi has plenty), fuel miser (did u think
    tdi or diesel?), handling (tdi and mb cdi are both great)

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