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    I recently turned my 2007

    I recently turned my 2007 Prius to accessory mode by pressing start button without foot on brake. Forgot it was still on and left car for 30 mins or so. Came back to dead battery. Anyone know what's going on? Other cars can be in that mode all afternoon with radio on and not drain battery.

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    I have had my Prius for over

    I have had my Prius for over 6 years and I have done this a few times. The battery on the Prius' will die quickly, in as little as 30 min because all of the accessories stay on. I have caught myself a few times walking away from the car that I thought I shut off but the car beeps as I start to walk away. Then I realize it is still on in the accessory mode and it is sensing the key moving away from the vehicle. It is not at all like a traditional car battery system. The battery and charging system is very touchy. I have experienced problems with battery charging in extreme heat and extreme cold and also when I travel roads that have lots of hills, it tends to really drain my battery.

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    I have a 2005 that we bought

    I have a 2005 that we bought new. Has been great but now that I am approaching 100,000 I was concerned about the Hybrid battery life. Your comments have eased that concern.
    I do have a bone to pick about the aux. battery though. No warning indicator to let you know it may be going bad like in most other cars. It went out when I was on a long trip and many miles away from home. It may only be an aux. battery but the car won't work without it. Could have been really bad except the little town had a Toyota dealer, just did not carry the aux. battery. I had to wait a day in a small town in the middle of Nevada for a battery to arrive.
    My suggestion, check the aux battery when you have regular servicing to prevent any surprises.

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    I'm looking into purchasing

    I'm looking into purchasing an 06 Prius that just hit the 100K mile mark. Someone mentioned to me the battery replacement issue. How would you be able to tell when you need to replace it? And does it just stop working one day or are there signs its beginning to wear out? Id hate to be driving one day and my car just dies.

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    There is a lot of

    There is a lot of conflicting information about battery drain. Here are my thoughts. We have two Prius. A 2005 we bought new and now has 150K and have had only a few issues none related to the hybrid components. We had to replace front wheel bearings, watter pump, muffler, headlight (ouch). Still has original main battery and 12V battery. Has smart key. We can leave it for at least two months and it will start right up. Never had the 12V battery go dead. The other is a 2006 we bought used with 60K on it and it now has 100K. No trouble with it yet except the 12V battery will drain dead if left for more than 2 days. We had it 6 months before we found this out because it was used every day. The only things it has that the 2005 does not is a backup screen and tire pressure monitor but I do not believe these are involved. So first of all the battery drain is not universal or even common. My sister has one and they have no problem as well as others I know. In researching this it seems some Prius have something like a .5A draw in the dome light fuse circuit when it should be .01A. That is what mine appears to have. Some references I have seen indicate that one of the microprocessor units on that circuit may not go to "sleep" when the car is turned off. I have not been able to isolate which device it might be and I am not going to let a dealer touch it. Also the 12V battery is deep cycle. It can go dead without serious damage. I am not sure how many times but the one in my 2006 went dead 6 times and I thought it might be the battery so put in a new one and found the old one is still fine so I have an extra if I ever need it with either car. I can pull the dome light fuse or disconnect the battery if I need to leave it longer. I just ordered a piggy back fuse I will plug in there so I do not wear out the dome light socket and also it is easier to get at. That will be the best fix for now until I can figure out what the drain is and how much it costs to replace the part.

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    Hi Bill, I would appreciate

    Hi Bill, I would appreciate it if you let us know if you solve your problem. Have you had your 2006 tested for parasitic drain and isolated the cause to be the dome light? Why are you adamant about not letting the dealer find your problem? I had my 2007 Prius instrument display blackout a few weeks back and now I tried to start my car and it was dead with a bit of clicking. I'm not sure this is related. I had the car parked for 6 days in my garage. I am going to purchase a cigarette-plug battery-alternator tester on Amazon.com and check to see if the alternator is working right. Also on youtube.com there is a video of how to put your display into diagnostic mode to see if the battery is at it's right voltage. It seems like the Prius has its weak points and with all its technology there is more that can go wrong.

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    Oops! The Prius doesn't

    Oops! The Prius doesn't have an alternator I have found out.

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    Thanks for the information

    Thanks for the information Lee. Where is the cancel button for the 'smart key' located?

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