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    My battery just died and had

    My battery just died and had to be replaced after 3 years of normal use. The dealer changed it at no cost to me (had to pay car rental for one day). Now I have 5 years on the warranty left and that worries me. A new battery costs $3,500! I have to get another car for my daughter soon and though the Prius gives great mileage, I am hesitant on getting another one.

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    suzy: I would not be too

    suzy: I would not be too concerned. The vast majority of Prius proplusion batteries are lasting for 8+ years. Only a few go bad after a few years. Sorry you got caught with one of the bad ones, but that's what a warrenty is for.

    Good news is that in 2 years, Toyota will be selling plug-in hybrids with lithium-ion batteries. Hopefully there will be a plug-in retrofit made available for series II Prius.

    Why plug in? Because using grid power to recharge your battery instead of the ICE, you are getting mileage for the cost equivelant of $1.30/gal gasoline.

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    We have a 2005 Prius and

    We have a 2005 Prius and have noticed that the battery seem to be draining overnight. How do I know this? The car seems to struggle in the mornings because of the low battery trying to get charged and the night before, it is fully or 95% charged. Is this common for a 3 year old Prius?

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    Hi, How do I actually work

    How do I actually work to disconnect the prius 12V battery in the back trunk and stop it running.
    we are going out of town for a week!
    last time I gone out of town for 3 days, it die on me!
    very frustraded
    please help

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    Just got a 2008 Prius and I

    Just got a 2008 Prius and I noticed this morning (after three days of driving) the battery s down to two purple bars. I had noticed that the blue bars (no legend on the manual) never rose above one over the halfway. I drove around town for an hour and let the car sit...just checked and I see two purple bars (down from half). We will see in the morning...

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    Update -- the battery bar

    Update -- the battery bar drops to two and turns purple each night but the Prius seems to not notice at all.

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    Thanks for all the

    Thanks for all the information regarding battery drainage! I'm going to be in Hawaii for 3 weeks and leaving my 2006 Prius in the driveway. I don't have the Smart Key system, just the basic key fob. for locking/unlocking the doors & starting the car. I typically drive it everyday day, 5-10 miles, and at least one freeway trip of 120 miles/week. Please confirm that I don't need to have my cat-sitter add starting the Prius to her list of duties! I live in the Pacific Northwest where we "typically" have mild winters...
    I love my Prius, and want to keep her healthy!

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    I just had the aux battery

    I just had the aux battery replaced on my 05 Prius with 42K miles on it. The dealer charged $300 to replace it. I have the smart key option. Has anyone else had to replace the aux battery this soon? The car is four years old. Manufactured in Oct. 05.

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    I have not yet had to

    I have not yet had to replace the battery in my 2005 prius.

    However, no purveyor of batteries will guarantee you a standard car battery will last 4 years! Some would say you have done well. My other car (not the prius) has had two battery replacements in the last 10 years.

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    And once again... One of the

    And once again... One of the basic traits of the prius is that it DOES NOT use the 12 volt battery to start the engine. (starter runs on the 200v traction battery).

    so there is NOT the traditional warning (slow engine cranking) as the 12v battery starts to go dead from age.

    Prius owners need to have their 12v battery checked from time to time (annual maintenance?).

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