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    Reality check- hybrids, fuel efficiency

    Thanks everybody who responded to my initial blog and follow ups. You're all great and have helped to focus my thoughts.
    Since I was looking for more scientific "beef" about the subject I turned to university web pages.
    Good stuff there. Still several questions left which I will take up with the authors.
    If you're interested, here are some interesting sites that I found in a quick search.

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    Reality check- hybrids, fuel efficiency

    Does anyone out there own both a regular civic and hybrid civic? How do they compare in MPG?This may be a practical and simple way to to measure how much a hybrid system gains in fuel economy since Honda makes a standard Civic and a Hybrid Civic using the same frame and body shape. All things being equal (presumably the tires as well), From EPA estimates I would assume the hybrid to perform about 20% better. However, I do not completely trust the EPA estimates (I've been averaging about 53MPG over 18000 miles with my manual HCH where EPA says 48/49).

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    Reality check- hybrids, fuel efficiency

    While I don't own a hybrid Civic, I've owned a 97 Civic HX since purchased new 8 years ago, and my parents have a 97 Civic LX. While the driving conditions are different (they're on the east coast with 35-40mph city limits and 65mph highway, I'm in AZ with 40-45mph city limits and 75mph highway) it's still roughly comparable.

    My parents have reported that their LX will usually get 35-38mpg in mostly highway cruising, which seems in line with it's 32/38 rating. My HX will get anywhere from low 30's in heavy, dense city traffic to high 30's for easy going suburban traffic. I'll typically see low 40's when cruising at 65-70mph for trips and usually 36-38 for 75mph trips.

    If you're driving in mainly lower speed limit highway conditions, such as the 65mph highways that seem to be common on the east coast, then if you compare to the Civic LX at 37mpg or so, your 53 would be 43% better. If you compared to my HX's 42mpg or so for highway trips around 65mph, then you're still seeing about 26% better mileage, which is pretty impressive.

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    Reality check- hybrids, fuel efficiency

    Re: compaing civic with civic-hybrid.

    A while back Popular Mechanics did a cross country drive with both automobiles. They went from east coast to west coast, traveling 75-80 MPH. Their final gas mileage showed about a 24% difference in mileage. I think the final numbers were something like 42 MPG (hybrid) versus 33.8 (non-hybrid).


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    Reality check- hybrids, fuel efficiency

    One other link:

    There is a useful comparison of the civic versus the civic-hybrid on page seven of this document, showing MPG, acceleration, cargo space, etc.:


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    Reality check- hybrids, fuel efficiency

    is it just me or is the mileage for the honda civic 40 mpg if you're lucky? since day one in Oct 2002 I've had to really work hard to even get 40 mpg regardless if city or highway. Is it just me?

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    Reality check- hybrids, fuel efficiency

    Is it just you? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it is the way you drive, or the speed you drive, or maybe it is just your environment (cold temps, bad commute). All of those things make a major difference in mileage, no matter what kind of car or truck you drive.

    Or maybe there is something amiss with the car?

    You can visit the GreenHybrid database to see a lot of folks who enter their mileage for the Honda Civic Hybrid. I think the average mpg is around 46, with the range going from 38 to 60. There is one regular poster who gets around 38 mpg there -- you might have similar circumstances with him.

    My personal experience on my six-mile city commute is now (springtime) about 45 mpg, and on the freeway it's 50 or better. For whatever reason, I think I'd have to be dragging Rosanne Barr or a couple Oakland Raiders to get below 40 mpg. :-)

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    Reality check- hybrids, fuel efficiency

    I bought a 2004 manual HCH in May 04. A friend of mine with a HCH told me about this site today and thought I should post my results. Hot Georgia has a lot of good tips that I learned by trial and error. Over the course of almost 24,000 miles to date, I am averaging 58.2 mpg. That is city, highway, bumper to bumper at times, a lot of trial and error learning curve, and included a tank last August with the A/C on and a total diregard for gas mileage as an experiment (about 45 mpg ouch). I reset my other trip meter every fill-up and guage my performance one tank of gas at a time (as well as the life of the car performance I mentioned.) I often get 800+ miles from a tank of gas, and once registered 64.5 mpg over the course of a tank last year, but last week the mpg meter was reading 69.2 near the end of a tank of gas and I decided to try to get 900 miles from one tank of gas. The car ran out of gas at 890 miles, so my actual mileage was closer to 67.4 mpg. Today, my trip meter is registering 70.4 mpg with 762.5 miles on this tank. I also still have "4 bars" left on the gas guage. I think 900 miles on this tank is a virtual lock unless I hit some bad weather (the forcast for the next 2 days is only 20-30% chance of rain) or really screw it up.

    Is anyone else out there getting this kind of performance? Where is the Green Hybrid Database?

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    Reality check- hybrids, fuel efficiency

    Great mileage!

    You can find the greenhybrid database at http://www.greenhybrid.com/. Note that I'm not advocating one web site over another -- obviously this hybridcars site is loaded with phenomenal articles and information -- but over there at greenhybrid they have a place where you can enter miles, gallons of gas, comments, driving conditions, etc.

    At 58.2 mpg you would be tied for fourth, out of 87 cars. :-) Top mpg is 58.7.

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    Reality check- hybrids, fuel efficiency


    Today my lifetime trip meter clicked over to 58.6 mpg over close to 24,000 miles!

    Where am I in the standings now?


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