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Thread: FEH accessories

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    FEH accessories

    I checked with my dealer and it looks like the safety package is not going to impede the future installation of a moon roof. Gotta have that roof light! Actually when I got my current Escape 2-1/2 years ago, I thought it was just a luxury toy, but I've come to appreciate its contribution to summer ventilation!

    Has anyone investigated aftermarket in-dash car stereos, for those of us unwilling to fork over $2K for the eye-candy computer screen model? I'm just wondering whether there's anything behind the generic CD changer/radio that will make aftermarket installation of satellite/MP3 deck a problem.

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    With an in-dash stereo you

    With an in-dash stereo you will often need a custom piece of dash kit made for you if you want the classy look. Even with the cheapest I could find (www.dashtrimkitstore.com) I had to add another $80 to the price.

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    Hi I will suggest u to check

    I will suggest u to check www.autopartsway.ca .

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