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    FEH and dealer premium

    Just purchased an '05 in Omaha for sticker at Atchley Ford ($31,850, silver appearance pkg, 4WD, nav system, side bags), plus threw in eight oil changes. Would rather have had one of the 06s on the lot, but the '05 was the vehicle I wanted.

    Loving it so far, but I'm only 86 miles into the journey.

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    FEH and dealer premium

    Ok...here's another horror dealership story....went to Mike Davidson Ford in JAcksonville, FL, & asked them how much they would sell me the Ford Escape Hybrid FWD for, bottom line. The Assistant Sales Manager (who had a chaw of tobacco in his mouth....YUCK!!) asked would I buy it for $1,000 off?, $1500 off, $2000 off. I told him no each time because I had asked him to give me his best price the first time out of the gate. Then he mentioned the $5,000 addendum. I told him I was not paying that either. He told me we couldn't deal then. He never did give me a price quote....and I'll never go there again. Also I'll tell all of my friends not to go there either.

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    FEH and dealer premium

    I liken the 'premium' dealers are charging in Southern California to the Enron created energy crisis of a few years ago. Shameless profiteering off the publics' dependence on energy, however, this time it is the consumer attempting to reduce oil consumption and environmental impact that are getting the shaft. I realize EC 101 states the market determines the price, but this is just wrong. I have not even touched the socio-economic implications of those that can afford gas the least are further away from bearing the expense of a hybrid.

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