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    Low City Gas Mileage For Honda Hybrid

    I have a 2005 Honda Hybrid Accord. It has 500 miles on it (I just bought it from someone else). It is a dream in most ways. Gets great gas mileage on the highway. But on the city, for short trips, the MPG thingie tells me I'm getting 12-14 mpg. What's wrong? What can I do? Will the mileage get better? Please email me with advice.
    l cohn, cohnmerk@comcast.net

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    Low City Gas Mileage For Honda Hybrid

    I am observing my accord hybrid getting similarly low mileage, but closer to the 20 range. (far from the promised 30mpg around town)

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    Low City Gas Mileage For Honda Hybrid

    My first few tanks w/ the HAH were low-mileage, too... there must be a "burn in" period, or I've adjusted m,y driving techniques. I get 22-25
    mpg city; 33-34.5 highway!

    (Much better than my wife's '03 Camrey @ 24.9
    MPG ave.)

    In city driving, keep your "air" on auto and
    the windows up. Adjust the temp control for
    warming/ cooling.

    When stopped, don't "creep" ahead ... this
    defeats the auto-stop feature.

    When driving over 30 MPH try to keep the
    "ECO" lite on (3 cylynder mode).

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    Low City Gas Mileage For Honda Hybrid

    I get similar results on HCH 05 city 30 mpg and highway 45 mpg. However I was getting about 25 mpg in the city. I improved it by changing the way I drive. I reset one of my trip odometer everyday. And leave the other for the tank full. That way I made started making adjustment to my driving daily by getting feedback info instantly versus over several days of driving. Because one day you might do something to get great mileage but never know because it's averaged in with your so-so days.

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    Low City Gas Mileage For Honda Hybrid

    My '03 HCH got 42-48 mpg with little city driving, mostly commutes through Texas Hill Country. Then it dropped to 34-35mpg a couple of months ago. The change was a minor accident in mid-August followed by new tires (much heavier tires). I'm trying to figure out what caused the drop. Honda has checked it out and find nothing...the very competent body shop rechecked it and find nothing. I've been told that unleaded gasoline quality has really dropped and that this could be the problem...as well as the heavier tires. Apparently, when gas prices shot up followed by the relaxation of states' "blend" laws, the door was opened for junkier gas. Anyone have any ideas?

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