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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    ...forgot to mention E-class MB
    the diesel is almost 1/2 second faster 0-60 (6.3 seconds)
    than the gasoline E-class...yes it is a rocket...

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    "One wonder why this has not been
    implemented long time ago"

    One big stumbling block for the market are all the promises made year after year about diesel.
    I remember back in the 70's my dad bought a new Isuzu diesel auto which promised a good running clean burning efficient car. It wouldn't start worth a darn in the Minnesota winters, noisy and smoked among other things.
    Then when his glow plugs went bad he couldn't get replacements very easily.

    VW set up shop promising a good running, clean reliable diesel car.
    The company along with its autos have proven to be bottom of the barrel in both customer relations and vehicle reliability.

    I've heard wild stories by diesel enthusiasts around the net that claim these cars run 400K miles on average and don't stink among other things.

    Then we hear that the NEW diesels run better and are clean running cars, and some say that it's safe & easy ...practically nothing to set up a diesel home refinery.
    I'm not sure about most but I personally wouldn't care to store and mix sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide and methyl alcohol or wood alcohol along with quantities of oil in my home. (Then mess with the waste glycerin) I'm not even sure that would be legal in my subdivision.

    You also have a real human interaction regarding burnt diesel fumes vs burnt gasoline fumes.

    You mentioned Co2 but how about pariculates?
    I personally don't prescribe to this thinking but some believe that one of the global warming contributors.

    Promises broken are promises remembered and made yearly by the diesel MFG's and enthusiasts.
    Show me a diesel car which I can hope to last 200-300K miles, remains easy to start, has good to great reliability record and doesn't stink...and I'll buy one.

    But don't say todays diesel. I don't buy it.
    Give it at least 15 years of good service without the empty promises. Let the autos testify for themselves. They always do anyway.

    Don wrote:
    "I read that in PA there is a company that turn coal waste into diesel fuel."

    The Germans engineered this back in the 1940's in their pinch for gasoline, and used it in their tanks, trucks, planes etc. (Germans produced gasoline but diesel is also available)



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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    E-class MB
    the diesel is almost 1/2 second faster 0-60 (6.3 seconds)
    than the gasoline E-class

    While the Accord Hybrid isn't a Mercedes, Accords do last longer on average and get around 6.5s, and most people seem to be averaging around 30MPG:



    Lexus Hybrid Sedan comes just under 6 seconds and gets about the same MPG as the E-class MB diesel:

    Just more choices...

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    This forum reflects some serious thinking! My compliments!

    I would like to suggest a few references I have found to be of value:




    40MPG.ORG WEEKLY UPDATE December 1, 2005 http://www.40mpg.org/weeklyupdate.cfm

    Here is the site of the UK's equivalent to the EPA/DOE for the curious [do not forget the UK uses Imperial Gallon, approximately 1.2 gallons(US)]: http://www.vcacarfueldata.org.uk/search/
    This data can be sorted by make/model or fuel economy.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Steve - in regards to VW's quality/reliability problems - in all the research I've done, these problems are mostly related to VWs gasoline cars, not their diesel TDI cars. And when it is the diesel car, its something minor, and not the engine. Do you have any links to pages about problems with the TDIs?

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Sorry about this link breaking up but it is too important! You'll have to reconstruct it since I have allowed several characters overlap so that you can see how it goes back together.
    It is an Excel database of "non-US vehicles getting 35 mpg(US) or more. It should be noted that 90% of the 33 vehicles getting 50 mpg are diesel.


    Must be reconstructed!!!

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    <a href="http://www.40mpg.org/pdfs
    foreign_fuel_efficient_vehicle_chart.xls">Recon structed link from above post</a>

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    You got it!

    Interesting isn't it?

    If you do a sort by manufacturer of vehicles getting 45 mpg or better, you' find about 70% are names available in the USA and I think more than 75% are diesels.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Hello Dom:
    "Do you have any links to pages about problems with the TDIs?"

    Here's a few:

    Some MINOR problems from the above link:

    "I was not comfortable with the fact that my car eventually will break down again and again until all of these coil packs are replaced"

    "As soon as we can, we are going to trade this car in and we will never buy another volkswagen in the future"

    "I have taken it into service repeatly as the transmission freezes continually, this is dangerous"

    "my Volkswagen Jetta locked up, spun out and flipped over several times. There was no speeding and no foul play involved.The car just locked up"

    "here is a short list of some of my problems: A/C Valves and components faulty, repaired twice, front seats "click" in and out slightly at acceleration and braking, was told it was "normal", rear doors rattle was "repaired" twice and told nothing further could be done and a tech actually said " you got one that isn't so bad maam, I have seen much noisier in the new models."

    "I am sick and tired of my Jetta and all its malfunctioning lights and sensors and its constant thirst for more oil. I can't tell you how many times I have checked the oil stick after only a week and a half of driving and found it almost out. Quite frankly, I am disgusted and throughly disappointed with this car. Volkswagen of America, you should be embarassed"

    "After talking this harrowing event over with my wife and thinking about it for a few days, I have come to the conclusion that I do not feel safe in this car. Furthermore, I am afraid to drive this car."

    "There is goo oozing from various panels (which Volkswagen recognizes as a problem but is unwilling to solve it), a faulty sunroof "potentiometer", faulty switches. Plus, the driver's door creaks (shoddy hinges), the air conditioning system has been malodorous from day 1, and now I have a $325 repair bill due to a faulty diesel fuel relay which VW is refusing to cover as a goodwill gesture (I have 35K miles on the car)"

    I have to log in for work again but that is the short list.
    Even if (IF) VW gets their act together with the new TDI engines, you can't separate an engine from the car company that makes it (Or supports it...or not), nor from the body that carries the power source.

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