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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Thanks Diesel Driver, great post.

    Either GM or Ford is working on a hydraulic hybrid system which boasts 100% efficiency using an accumulator. Perhaps they are on to something there.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    I cant believe americans are so stupid. Hybrid or diesel? bla bla bla
    What do you think about hybrid with diesel engine? Peugot already produces one. Answer to the question - hybrid or diesel? is only one hybrid-diesel. Result - extremely low fuel consumption

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed


    This is great news!!! Can you please tell us what is the model number of the Renault diesel-hybrid vehicle? Where can we get more info? Is it in production or just a concept? Where is it available? Is it available in the US?

    Except that I like the design/style of a lot of Citroens, all the French cars (including Renault) I've driven were POS's but if they actually have a diesel hybrid, I'll happily give them another chance.

    Now, in case you think I missed your unwelcome and unnecessarily editorial comment: I'll address the insult you made to the people who probably saved your @$#%$% back in the 1940's and created the internet with which we are now communicating:

    Maybe now that we've wiped their buddy from power in Iraq, the French are going to start developing technology to help conserve OUR planet's oil. It sucks when they can't buy oil in exchange for their crappy chemical and nuclear weapon technology or UN votes anymore. We Americans aren't perfect and we're willing to admit it. Unless you are perfect, your comment isn't helping anything.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Ex-Ev driver writes "Maybe now that we've wiped their buddy from power in Iraq"

    Saddam H was second in command in the Baath
    Party when we propelled them into power so dont
    blame the french.

    Enough of politics though.Does anyone know how
    much oil it takes to make an electric car travel
    say 50 miles? In other words is there a way to
    find out how many "mpg" it gets?

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed


    I agree with your political comment - see my last line.

    Here are a few links that will help you to understand some of the "well-to-wheels" comparisons between Electric and Gasoline motors:

    there has been a lot of other stuff about this and I'll try to dig out some more references. Personally, I've generally just done quick back-of-the-envelope computations and everything always comes up unquestionably in favor of the battery-electric with a lot of margin for error.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Thanks for info on electric cars "mpg"
    I commute 12 miles one way to work and wished
    an electric car would be available to buy. Would
    imagine it could be possible to hook it up some
    solar charging too. Since an electric car probably
    wont go much faster than 60mph and it has a limited range the insurance premium would be
    much lower. I think hybrids are way too expensive
    and complicated and would love to see electric
    cars mass produced.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Alot of the anti-diesel folks are talking about the health and environmental impacts of diesel vs hybrids, but I'd like to see some research into what impact all those used hybrid batteries will have when they go to the junkyard or are replaced. Can the batteries be recycled, and does the recycling process consume more energy than the batteries produce?

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Moveon they plan to release a plug-in version hybrid which might fit your needs.

    These are basically hybrid cars with larger battery packs. You charge them overnight and run pure EV until the extended battery is depleated then it automatically switches to regular hybrid mode.

    Fantastic MPG for commutes like yours without any range problem.


    If GM or Toyota produces/sells these at reasonable cost and good warranty we'll strongly consider this as our next vehicle.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

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