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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    I never heard about a heating oil tank in a home
    ever cause an explosion or fire here in the NE.
    To be expected since temperature has to be over
    150 F to reach the flashpoint. As a matter of fact
    if one splash diesel on burning paper it will
    distinguish the flames!
    So I see no reason why towns and cities cant change their regulations to accomodate people
    to store their own dieselfuel.
    Its a shame nuclear power was messed up so
    much 30 years ago. Planning and building nuclears
    plant was so badly mismanaged that it became too
    expensive. Would like to see it make a comeback until we have a better solution

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Not easy to find info in english about the numerous
    diesels not sold in the USA, but here is one


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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Steve (Hot_Georgia) - you asked "If you know of anyone who is currently getting these results in the TDI, **PLEASE** let me know how to get hold of them so we can "Swap notes".

    There's a member of the tdiclub.com who's modified his NB TDI to get about 65 mpg. See http://www.fresnobee.com/business/st...12664810c.html, and http://pics.tdiclub.com/data/516/ernie-fresnobee.pdf (.pdf file).

    You may be able to contact him (I guess) through his public profile at http://forums.tdiclub.com/member.php?u=6730 if you're interested.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed


    I don't agree with the laws restricting storage of diesel or heating oil either but I believe the are more related to ground water contamination from leaks than from fire hazard.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Thanks for the links wxman.

    Odd that they have to add some wierd wings and special fuel for the extra MPG while my gasoline car does it stock on regular fuel.

    I couldn't get to the forum for my company's firewall but look forward to checking it out later at home.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    ..and the leak of fuel into groundwater is caused by
    leaking metal tanks put into the ground 40-50 years
    ago. They can be replaced with the new type of
    fiberglass tanks which are not prone to corrosion
    or do like my friend (a diesel owner) has done
    for many years. He has two 275gls tanks at the end
    of the garage with an electric fuel pump. If they start to leak it is a gradual leak and if someone
    says that is not good enough there is an inexpensive plastic spill retainer available for those type of tanks. Arent we running out of reason not to store fuel a home and give us the
    advantage of a strategic supply. Isnt it time the
    individual motorist can take advantage of this?
    If we get a non petroleum way of running our cars
    then that will be great, but in the meantime storing
    your own fuel at home can be implemented as
    soon as one purchase a diesel car.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Civic hybrid sedan is rated at 49/51 mpg and
    what I have read lately in the media is that the
    hybrids are over rated in mpg and that the
    DOT is aware of that. That mpg is just about
    what a Jetta TDI gets, but the premium for
    the TDI engine over the gasoline engine is around
    $1000 while the hybrid Honda seem to have a much
    higher premium and one cant store a gasoline
    supply at home and the Honda hybrid still carry
    very flammable gas in its tank.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Most people average about 47MPG in the Civic Hybrid. http://www.greenhybrid.com The biggest rating/actual mileage discrepancy is with the Prius which comes close to the Civic Hybrid but posts low 60ís on the sticker.
    EPA overstates almost all vehicle MPG with their 20 year old outdated 55MPH test simulation.
    That's why they are moving to an entirely new testing method.
    This is not hybrid car specific, although some hybrid vehicles like Prius EPA will likely drop quite a bit.

    Personally with the multitude of issues to consider in my life carrying gasoline in my car is the least of my worries, along with storing quantity of fuel on my property.
    It's a non-issue for me.
    Obviously it is important to you.

    I don't think either of these technologies are perfect transportation solution but diesel and hybrid are the best stepping stones for what is coming.
    Nuclear charging EV commuters is the best I can think of.
    Let the trains and heavy trucks (Etc) burn the diesel.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Clearly many of us cannot think outside the "box".
    Farmers stores fuel on their farms and there is no
    reason homeowners should not enjoy this "buffer"
    of several months of supply for convenience and
    guaranteed fill ups w/o worries.
    I am sure all of us have seen and heard about
    trapped people burned alive from leaking gasoline.
    No reason not to think in new ways or copy others.
    That is progress. The "way we always did it" is
    not always right.
    According what I have read lately most hybrids are more overated than the conventional cars in reagrds to mpg.
    Diesels seem to be underated.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

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