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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Un-named: Yes the TDI is a very nice car.

    Some links that show the greatest wear to engines is while warmup because of insufficient oil flow:

    Hybrid cars are a better choice than diesel autos because:

    *Diesel autos crank start at around 90RPM, while hybrid cars use an entirely different method, spinning around 2,500RPM.
    This increased RPM induces higher immediate oil pressure and flow to critical parts.
    Better lubrication while starting allows them to last longer.

    *Hybrid cars will last longer because the work is being shared by one, sometimes two electric motors. Reduced reliance on the gasoline engine reduces wear, and lasts much longer.
    Hybrid cars last at least 500,000 miles.

    *Hybrid car batteries carry a generous warranty, and should last the life of the car.

    *Diesel autos only have one standard 12 volt battery. Hybrids carry one of those too, but primarily use their battery of several hundred volts for starting. Thus you are less likley to be stranded with a dead battery in a hybrid car. You have a backup just in case.

    *Several successful conversions have been made to today's hybrid car for a full Electric Vehcile. Zero pollution and no gas/diesel tank to fill.
    Diesel autos can't be converted to be electric.

    *The increased efficiency will return a good investment for the hybrid owner.

    *Along with the good investment, you'll get a nice tax incentive that you won't with a diesel auto.

    *When you drive a diesel auto you will often have to "fish" or scan over a fueling station before pulling in to refuel. Sometimes they don't sell diesel so you have to go to the next station. Sometimes they don't sell it either so you have to go to the next one. Etc etc etc
    Hybrid cars fill up everywhere without hastle.

    *Diesel cars are capable of mid 50's MPG. Comparable hybrid cars are capable of about 70MPG for the same class car.

    *Hybrid cars are available in more models than diesels are and carry a higher crash safety rating.

    *Hybrid cars are more fun than diesels and chicks dig them more.

    *Hybrid cars have a period when the engine is not running at all. Zero emissions at that time, and when they do run their special burn proccess carries the auroma of fresh cut flowers.

    *You're better off with a Honda or Toyota rather than Volkswagen for reliability issues.

    Bjorn- Also thanks for the value link.
    There is no doubt diesels carry a higher resale value than their gasoline counterparts.
    I also think they are far more advanced than the regular gassers.
    But not hybrids

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    I got to laugh Steve. You of all people make all
    these statements, but no links?
    You are the "link" man. Always ask other bloggers
    to provide them. Where is the link backing up
    your statement "Chicks digs them" referring to
    hybrids? LOL thts funny.
    About the reason for wear inside a gasoline engine.
    The links you provided is from companies that
    want to sell something. Did u ever think about the
    possibility they are biased?.
    Take a look at these links


    MPG? Look at how Prius and VW Jetta TDI

    compared in link below


    Yes I forgot to put my name in, but I am sure u

    Zero emission from an electric car?
    How about pollution producing the electricity?
    Most electricty is produced from coal

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Another point Steve as far as looking for diesel.
    As you saw in the link above more stations carry diesel. My commute to work is approximately
    17 miles here in NY State and along the highway
    there are 8 ore more stations that sell diesel.
    Not much of a problem when a tankful give me
    a range of 600miles!! NY probably have less
    frequency of diesel than most states and I still have
    no problem.
    Another thing I mentioned in previous replies (and I
    never saw u commenting) is that I store diesel at
    home in my garage (275 gls tank with electric pump) which save me diesel not having to go to
    a station for about 10months unless I make a trip
    in excess of 600 miles. Oil embargo? Let them bring
    it on. They will be starved for money long before
    I run out of diesel. If we all drove diesels and stored fuel at home OPEC would know the effect of
    an embargo will hurt them first before it hurts us.
    Diesel can safely be stored at home. Gasoline cannot.
    One more thing Steve. Would you want to be trapped inside a gas/hybrid or a diesel car being
    in a major accident?. God forbid it would happen, but it could happen to anyone.
    Would appriciate comment to above this time.
    it can happen to anyone?
    some at home the OPEC countries

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Delete the 2 last lines above. Somehow they were
    accidently entered.
    Why should only hybids get a tax write off?
    (read subsidy) Why not a conventional car as long
    it provides the same mpg?
    Hybrid cant stand alone without non hybrid owners
    subsidy the hybrid owners?

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    I guess you all realized I made that post as a mix of fact, halftruths,myth and falsehoods.
    The lack of links allows me to make any claim I desire.

    Bjorn sounds like you are well prepared, as we all should be.
    Last night I filled up after traveling 849miles on the tank and pumped 13.6 gallons for $36.04. I haven't calculated it yet but the dash said 61.3MPG.
    Looks like we've both prepared well.

    Regarding the wrecked car question, being trapped in any car with leaking fuel would be a terror.
    Gasoline,Kerosene,Diesel wouldn't make a difference.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    "Gasoline,kerosene, diesel would not make any
    difference" ?

    Its hard to believe you wrote that Steve.
    Put some gasoline in can and diesel in another can.
    Throw a match in both of them and see what happen.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Link? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_point

    As you can see from above link Steve the
    flashpoint for gasoline is -45c (about -50f)
    flashpoint for diesel is +62c (about 160f)
    Still does not matter. A general (believe it was Patton) during ww2 said "dont give me any more
    tanks with gasoline engines" because when that
    tank got hit the gasoline tank exploded.
    Tanks with diesel engines do not have that problem.
    Steve you never commented the advantage of
    safely storing a long lasting supply of diesel safely
    at home. Dont forget to watch the diesel in a can
    extinguishing the burning match while the can of
    gasoline burns.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Reasons for gasoline engine wear?


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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Fact: Gasoline vapors are explosive and diesel fumes are not.
    But if I'm trapped in a wrecked car and fuel is pouring out the alarm is the same. I'm not going to say "Good, it's only diesel fuel" and somehow feel more comfortable about the dire situation.
    The reaction is the same: "My car is leaking fuel and I must escape no matter what"

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Yes it is very comforting to know that the fuel coming out from a ruptured tank is diesel and not
    gasoline. If it is diesel you could be smoking a
    cigarette(it might give u lungcancer though) and throw the match into the pool of diesel and it will
    extinguish. I think we all know what would happen
    if the scenario was leaking gasoline and there was a
    flame or spark.
    Steve you still refuse to touch the idea of having a years supply of fuel at home.??????
    I guess you never will?

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