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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    By Bjorn. It was nice to have you around with your 'balanced' point's of view but I guess now that hybrid's have lost, you won't need to waste your time enlightening us anymore. :-)

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed


    There is no reason an electric car should be reduced to 60 mph or less. GM, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Ford, and Chrysler had to use a huge crusher to do it. See the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car" for details. The killed cars all did over 100 miles on a charge and were electronically limited to around 80 mph.
    The slow electric golf carts that were substituted for real EV's are smokescreens.
    Fortunately, aftermarket plug-in hybrids as Hot Georgia mentions as well as a few new startups are working to get real EV's back on the market again.
    There is nothing technological preventing electric vehicles from going over 300 miles on a charge and going as fast as you might like. Unfortunately, it's just politics and business now.
    I wouldn't count on anything available to the general public for another 6 or 7 years though unfortunately so Steve in Hot George and the rest of us may have to compromise with a diesel or gas-only hybrid in the mean time.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed


    Good points about the batteries, however, new EV's will use either NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) or Li-ion (Lithium ion) batteries. Unlike older PbA (Lead Acid) and NiCAD (Nickel Cadmium) batteries, these are not toxic and fully recyclable. As with most parts of an automobile (especially today's lead-acid starting batteries), recycling of automobile parts is quite economical.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    BTW exEV1 Driver, the EV1 at hybrid fest was a frankenstien rebuild by the University of Wisconsin, but at least it is still around and is drivable.

    One thing many people don't realize except us few is that some REAL savings can be had by an all EV drivetrain.
    No engine oil to change/dispose of, no injectors to clean/clog, no timing belts/chains/plugs and only light maintenance required.
    I would imagine brake regeneration would be employed so brakes could last multiple times longer reducing owners cost.

    If I were to take my car to the dealer for everything it would be $150 to $350 every 10,000 miles and much of that is engine/transmission maintenance which would be eliminated with an EV which makes it much more attractive.

    I'm really very excited about the automotive future.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    "One thing many people don't realize except us few is that some REAL savings can be had by an all EV drivetrain"

    Some people think they are above others and know
    it all"

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    "One thing many people don't realize except us few is that some REAL savings can be had by an all EV drivetrain"

    Hopefully, we can get some plug-in vehicles on the road in production so that even the most stubbornly unenlightened can see and drive the reality for themselves.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Electric cars seem to be a much better product
    than the hybrid. Most of us commute less than
    50 miles roundtrip to work. It has only one motor
    to worry about and is far less complex and expensive than the hybrid. I would think insurance
    premium will be much less since this is not a car
    that will be used for speeding.
    Did EX-Ev driver elevate himself to the "smarter
    group" of people too.
    Many contributors on this site has expressed that
    diesels have no future. Maybe they will stop
    writing on this site?

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Ok Bloggers...what do you think about this one: Make a clean burn diesel, plug in electric hybrid drive train and run it on as much bio diesel as you can get. Build the car body from ultra strong, ultra light, graphite composition, foam reinforced panels. This provides the multiple benefits of strength, passenger protection, light weight, less air conditioning load due to insulation and a quieter interior.

    Use ultra capacitors for short term operation electric motors and solenoids for windows and locks or build a spartan version with manual locks and crank windows.

    Make all the lamps LED including the head lamps. How hard is this?

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed


    You've clearly consumed the kool-aid. There is nothing slow or short ranged about electric vehicles. Only the golf carts that have been put on the road to distract the general public from the real capability of the electric drive train.
    My EV1 had an electronic governor that came in at 80 mph, as does the RAV4EV and the Honda EV+. The EV1 went zero-to 60 in 7 seconds and got effectively well over 100 mpg (well-to-wheels).

    . . . and then there are the electric supercars, the Tesla, the Wrightspeed X1, the t-Zero, and the Venturi Fetish. All have top speeds well over 120 mph and zero-60 acceleration around 4 sec.
    I don't hate diesels any more than I hate steam engines (which I love). They are just not the only, nor the best solution to our driving needs.

    As Mark says, a diesel hybrid with all the efficiency whistles and bells would be awesome.

    Unfortunately the car companies refuse to make these.

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    Diesel vs. Hybrid: A Point Missed

    Here is a link to the very impressive specifications to that wonderful car:


    ACCELERATION 0-50 mph: 6.3 sec
    At 50% SOC: 6.5 sec

    Range: 160.6 miles

    Withing two years they reduced battery weight by almost 2/3 and increased range.
    This was 7 years ago and battery technology is constantly evolving.

    At 6hrs to charge and ~150 mile range would have been my perfect commuter car (Even though I have a 100 mile/day comute)

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