I am convinced diesel is the best alternative, but wheter
there will be a hybrid or diesel solution it is easy to
keep the tax base. As cars gets more efficient taxes
must be raised accoridingly. This is for a couple of reasons.
First of all if gas or diesel taxes per driven mile becomes
less we will be increasing our use of gasoline instead
of increasing the demand for even better fuel saving
techologies or inventing new ways of running our cars
such as renewable fuels.
Secondly if taxes remains the same per gallon the
goverment will loose revenue and will look to other
ways of compensate for that (like income tax).
As a matter of fact we should already have increased
oil taxes and reduced income taxes accordingly.
This would have spurred a demand for fuel efficient
cars and also have given us the choice of using the
tax savings on the more expensive fuel or on something else. I know I would like to use that
saved income tax towards a diesel miser.
Others will use the money towrds a hybrid.